Product description

Quantum J_1 is a ceiling-mounting directional recessed luminaire with an organic roundish form. The deep-recessed optical compartment ensures perfect integration into the surrounding architecture thanks to its soft and sinuous lines.
The downlight is characterized by a group made up of a reflector with F.O.L.™ filtering system and a recessed LED source, thus providing visual comfort and a highly pure beam. Among the product distinguishing features, the well-proportioned appearance given by its optical compartment with embossed or ""warm&chic"" golden finish, a plus which has earned it the Red Dot Award in 2015. Quantum is particularly suitable for illuminating shops, hotels and private homes.

Product family


Downlight with an organic shape. Its deep optical compartment with soft lines perfectly fits in with the surrounding architecture. The recessed light source and the optical unit fitted with the F.O.L.™ filtering system ensure a perfectly clean light beam as well as visual comfort.