For its dealership and showroom in Padua, Porsche Italia has chosen to make the transition to LED lighting by replacing 400 lighting fixtures, both inside and outside its retail space.

For this major change in lighting, the branch of the German car manufacturer chose i-LèD by Linea Light Group as its preferred partner: the main objective was to present a solution that would combine the very best quality lighting with great energy efficiency, thus achieving the aim of offering customers the best value in their purchasing experience in terms of visual perception and comfort.

The project, completed by Bovo Impianti Elettrici Industriali, an Italian firm that has been operating in all sectors of plant engineering for almost sixty years, saw the use of track spotlights with high colour rendering (CRI 95) in the open exhibition space, an essential condition for fully appreciating the colours of the cars’ bodywork and the details of their elegant interiors; what is more, Illiuminator modules with 4 spots, Edith modular false ceiling luminaires and LED tubes offering excellent lighting performance were installed in the workshop areas and offices.

With this investment the Porsche Italia showroom can now enjoy drastically reduced energy consumption, whilst giving its customers professional lighting that is in line with specific image requirements, all thanks to the high quality of i-LèD lighting.

Centro Porsche Padova S.r.l.

Electrical engineering: Agenzia Tech-light
Technical Execution: Ditta Bovo S.r.l.