When it was decided to close two high schools in Bochum in order to open a new educational centre, the aim for the new construction was energy efficiency. A fully achieved target with the partnership of many lighting system companies, among which Linea Light Group. Light is a decisive factor in the management of such a large center, where there are many expectations and needs for quality light. We achieved adequate energy saving and illuminance levels in all the areas of the building, without having to sacrifice performance for an intelligent and oriented consumption. Outdoors, we installed the RGB LED Rabal profiles and the Spoon lighting poles for parking lots, while indoors the Look metal halide spotlights and the LED Globo downlights.

Client: EGR - Entwicklungs Gesellschaft Ruhr, Bochum

Architect: Hascher & Jehle, Berlin

Electrical engineering: Ing. Büro Krawinkel Krefeld
Technical Execution: Bauer Elektroanlagen, Niederlassung Düsseldorf