A small gem gets a lighting makeover

Situated in Piazza Ducale in Sabbioneta, the church of Santa Maria Assunta is the city’s cathedral. It was built by order of Vespasiano Gonzaga in 1578 and was already consecrated by 1582. However, it assumed its present appearance between 1769 and 1772, based on a plan by Ferdinando Galli Bibiena.
Its interior boasts numerous artworks including valuable pieces by important artists and craftsmen of the time.

Functional and beautiful lighting

The refined architecture and decoration is the first thing one notices upon entering the Church of Santa Maria Assunta. A correct lighting project involves taking into consideration the artistic and historical details and also the functioning of the various spaces which, if properly illuminated, can create very suggestive scenes and at the same time highlight the moments devoted to worship.

The combination of indirect and accent lighting creates spatial depth and leads the eye to the contemplation and enjoyment of the spaces.

The main feature of this lighting project is the indirect light produced by the Vuelta spotlights positioned on the ledges all around the central nave of the church. This diffused light scenery also features other lighting fixtures: Nave luminaires are used at 60 degrees emission angle for the illumination of the benches, and with 40 degrees optics to emphasize the colourful decorations of the central dome. A wider optics was applied for the altar and the side chapels in order to create indirect light in the background, combined with a narrow beam for accent lighting on the artworks. Navata_Focus is focused on the crucifix inside the tabernacle for the accent lighting.