Lighting for residential architecture: combining design and functionality

The lighting project for this prestigious residence located in a northern suburb of Greece, was designed by IFI Group, a long-term associate of Linea Light Group in lighting for spectacular locations.
The decidedly modern architecture, with its use of square volumes and precise lines, lends itself to lighting and shadow effects that highlight the geometric and clean design of the entire project, while never neglecting the housing needs and comfort that any lighting project must absolutely take into account in order to provide lighting that is, above all else, functional.

Versatile and functional lighting, at the service of the architecture

Several types of products were used in this project, for different types of installations and purposes: thanks to the breadth of choice offered by our product range, we were able to satisfy the needs of the designer for both indoor and outdoor situations.
For the interiors linear recessed lighting and downlights were fitted, which by means of a perimeter light, emphasize the geometric modularity of the design.
Externally, recessed lighting elements were chosen, integrated with the structure of the building, which thanks to their functional light distribution provide uniform lighting for the walkways and living spaces, as well as spotlights to enhance architectural elements or garden features.

The entire project leaves nothing to chance: every aspect or characteristic of the residence is enhanced by specifically chosen products from the Professional LED Lighting and Architectural Lighting collections.
In the bedrooms LED strip lights were installed in the bookcase profiles, or to emphasise the volumes of the interior design; the recessed linear profile Mini Outline was flush-mounted to provide uniform and functional lighting for the mirror.
In the kitchen area, where a better working light is needed, Gypsum downlights were mounted in the plasterboard. Thanks to their diffused light, both the space and worktop are uniformly illuminated.
As for the exterior, at the entrance of the residence, Beret uplights were installed at floor level, to create geometric lighting effects in combination with the masonry beams in front of the door. The whole environment is accentuated by Sub, underwater recessed lighting, installed in the water pools along the sides of the entrance, and by Admiral, used with increasing size and power, in proportion to the depth of the pool.
Finally, in the large garden that surrounds the residence, we find Clivo, which through the versatility offered by its variable optics, lends itself perfectly to the illumination of the plants and walkways between them.

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