The Stanislavsky Electrotheatre has recently opened its new venue, bound to become an international centre for theatre direction. The refurbishment works resulted in a significant extension of the famous theatre, which is today an important space in the city for social gathering.

The building has been totally converted into a new, contemporary theatre platform where each element – hall, foyer or staircase – is perfectly suited to meet the needs dictated by modern technology without disregarding those of an architecturally significant structure.

Basically, the concept of “Electrotheatre” lies on space versatility and aims to keep the internal processes open. Movable barriers divide the technical areas and those for the public: their functions can be interchangeable.

Light plays a leading role in conveying a strong emotional impact during a theatrical performance: The Angular track spotlights, with their COB LED (50W) source, are the ideal solution to follow the light variations required by each scene since they are highly efficient and can be directed and positioned with utmost versatility. Moreover, Vos RJ downlights and 15° optics Anton spotlights were installed to throw some details into sharp relief.

Moscow Department of Culture

Edward Rusenko

Structural engineer: Sergei Belugin
Chief Project Engineer: Irina Ishunina
Lighting Design: QPRO