Darzanà: a vessel connecting the arsenals of Venice and Istanbul

The Turkish project is entitled Darzanà, and focuses on the violation of borders and on hybridity, a challenge to the increasingly strong tendency to confine ourselves within the boundaries of religion, language, race, nationality, ethnicity, and gender. The installation highlights the common cultural and architectural heritage shared between the arsenals of Istanbul and Venice, through the symbolic image of a construction site with a ‘hybrid’ vessel, Baştarda, a cross between a galley and a galleon.
Measuring 30 metres long, built from more than 500 pieces of scrap materials, and weighing some four tons altogether, the vessel has been constructed out of abandoned materials found in the old arsenal of Istanbul.

A new relationship between the two cities

The ship was transported to Venice to seal a new relationship between the two cities. A high profile cultural initiative to promote dialogue and sharing, while still acknowledging different identities.

The Pavilion of Turkey is characterized by its careful attention to lighting, studied in detail to enhance both the unique architectural exhibition space and the concept behind the entire project.

The key product used is Angular: a powerful spotlight with a simple and minimalist design, particularly suitable for focusing full attention on the subject to be illuminated. Characterized by a tilting movement up to 90°, Angular is fitted with a practical goniometric indicator that allows you to precisely adjust the tilt.
The array LED source guarantees precise and efficient lighting, with high performance.
A special customized Honeycomb filter was specifically designed for this project, to achieve a twofold effect: to reduce glare as much as possible, while at the same time guaranteeing the precise and focused pointing of the light beam

Hugon Kowalsky
Marcin Szczelina

Zeki Kadirbeyoğlu
Şeyma Kılıç
ZKLD Light Design Studio