In Hildesheim, Lower Saxony, the "Hildesheim University Foundation" (Stiftung Universität Hildesheim) chose the reliability and light power of Steelwalk by i-LèD to illuminate the perimeter walls of the courtyard of the State Property of Marienburg (part of the Marienburg Castle property). This area now houses a number of university faculties, the Castle Theatre and a student café. A good part of the building, dating from the early Middle Ages, aptly represents the typical features of German Romanesque architecture: the stone surface is given maximum prominence with an emission of light at 3000 Kelvin that "washes" the wall from the ground also reaching the warmer colours of the red wooden cornice.

Licht Studio

Lighting Designer - Hanne Weber dello Studio DL
In collaboration with: Architetti - HNW Landschaftsarchitektur Società di Ingegneria - Ingenieurgesellschaft WIA mbH

Linea Light DE