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Art Nest: a “nest” where art, architecture and design merge thanks to lighting.

On the island of Cyprus, about eight kilometres from Limassol, the country’s largest city, there is a hidden gem: the Art Nest Arts Center founded and created by local sculptor Phillipos Yiapanis.
The property is set in an expanse of 3,500 square metres of park, nestled in woodland, and is home to some 160 bronze and marble sculptures, all created by the artist.
Many other works by Yiapanis are located within the new modern 3-storey building, designed by local architect Aggelos Savvides, and already awarded first prize in the BUILD AWARD.
Linea Light Group solutions have been chosen for the realization of the entire lighting project.

Between museum and landscape

A complete project that illuminates not only the works of art but the entire location, both indoor and outdoor. The solutions, designed to create a welcoming and harmonious environment for the contemplation of the sculptures, allow you to appreciate the beauty of the Cypriot landscape setting and the modern style of the building that houses the indoor exhibition.

In the large park, as well as pedestrian paths created in the greenery, there is also an arena that often hosts events and performances and comes to life after dark thanks to the custom-designed lighting.

For the indoor lighting of the exhibition areas Pound spotlights were used, chosen for the high performance of the arrayLED light source, and Iris_T for the highly customizable functionality of amplitude emission and luminous intensity. Thanks to these products, which require only limited and simple maintenance, the entire area can be readjusted to meet the display requirements of the works.
The internal architecture of the building with its dynamism of forms, is accentuated by Pool recessed lighting and profiles from the Professional Lighting collection installed in the recesses that decorate the ceiling.
For the outdoor area products from the Architectural Lighting line were chosen, with many spotlights installed not only for the lighting of the statues but also for the beautiful trees that adorn the park, while Insert path markers were installed along all the walkways.

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