Lighting for the office, but not only

Roveda Srl is a shoe factory in the province of Milan, owned by the Chanel group, which produces footwear for the famous international fashion house.
Model production is done on long tables placed under large skylights, which provide sunlight and natural light for the operators to work under.
Inside the company, in addition to the working area there is a section dedicated to the "Footwear Museum", where historical models produced by the shoe manufacturer are exhibited in minimal niches.

A historical firm marked by professionalism and prestige, illuminated by Linea Light Group.

The "Footwear Museum", a connecting room between the various production areas, is where historical footwear produced by the company is placed on show: here it was necessary to create a clean, minimalist environment where shoes could be highlighted. Through exposure that would enhance both colours and high quality workmanship, thanks to Mini Outline for the lines of light in the niches and Warp for concentrated light, the effect is similar to an exhibition setting.
In the production area instead, illuminated during the day by the light filtering from large skylights placed above the work tables, it was necessary to re-create the feeling of natural lighting, even in cases where sunlight was either absent or diminished. In this situation Shore diffuses its light optimally onto the work areas, without disturbing.

This project has been achieved by customising all products used for light emission at 4000 K.

The effect is to obtain natural lighting that constantly illuminates the production area where the operators can concentrate without any light disturbance or fatigue. In the large skylights above the work tables, Shore pendants [Tràddel Architectural Lighting] diffuse light uniformly. The effect, viewed from the side, is that of sunlight which penetrates without dazzling the operators, who can carry out their work with adequate and well-diffused lighting, even in the absence of external light or on days that are not particularly bright.

In the "Footwear Museum", a room used for exhibition where the shoes on display need natural light to bring out the prestige of both materials and workmanship, the choice went to installing Mini Outline [Tràddel Architectural Lighting], inside niches in the side walls, to create lines of light that cut through the dark walls of the room. A clean and geometric environment where the models on display are the stars, with their colours and shapes. The Warp recessed lighting [i-Lèd Professional Lighting] with concentrated light accompanies the general light diffusion in the room.

Andrea Badoni