Product description

The classic look of a vintage luminaire reinterpreted in a contemporary design. An impressive dome-shaped luminaire made up of new materials, where the clean lines of natural polyethylene combine with the bold concrete, rust and plaster finishes: a light that becomes an elegant furnishing piece characterised by a minimalist design. The opaline diffuser in polymethylmethacrylate enhances the purity of the light emitted by the topLED circuit with CRI 90, while the Warm Tune technology allows to simultaneously vary light intensity and colour temperature, for a warmer, suffused light or sharper and more natural lighting, depending on the mood and atmosphere required. Diffused lighting was designed for the illumination of tables and the flat surfaces of domestic environments. This state-of-the-art luminaire is available in three sizes. Entourage_P is the ideal solution for the lighting needs of large public spaces.

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A dome, revisited archetypic shape in contemporary twist. Covered with new finishes, adding to opal polystyrene the concrete, corten and chalk daring finishes. The opal white diffuser brings out the light, the Led source integrated with Warm Tune™ technology (except for opal version) allows dimmable luminous intensity and color temperature control simultaneously. Available in two diameters, suitable for every private residence style or contract solution.