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      The paths to enlightenment: lighting design for landscape ...

      Peter Smisek


      Lighting design not only shapes interior spaces, it can also be deployed to lend form and narrative to external, architectural landscapes.

      Lady of the lamp: in conversation with Ulrike Brandi

      Alun Lennon


      Ulrike Brandi, founder of the eponymous lighting-design consultancy, discusses the relation between light and architecture – and where she sees it heading.

      There’s something in the bushes: Enea

      Brand story

      Julia Hauch


      Landscape artists ENEA have been celebrating the beauty of nature for over 25 years, bringing their holistic approach to bear on green spaces not only in their native Switzerland, but all around the world.

      Social Inequality, As Seen From The Sky



      With his dramatic aerial images, photographer Johnny Miller brings into sharp focus the invisible lines which divide some urban communities – lines that are sometimes harder to recognise at ground level. Text by Romullo Baratto | Translated by

      Linea Light Group – Industrial & Urban Lighting

      Linea Light Group


      Linea Light Group presents an entire dedicated line, contained in a single brand: i-LèD Industrial

      Whatever floats your boat: BoConcept x URBAN RIGGER®

      Brand story

      Dominic Lutyens


      URBAN RIGGER®'s floating residential buildings were designed in cooperation with the Danish architectural firm Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) to alleviate the housing shortage in the city and provide accommodation for over 70 students.

      Things are looking up: roof gardens

      Peter Smisek


      In an increasingly urbanised world, the issue of how to create green spaces in any meaningful way is a pressing one for planners and architects. The renaissance of the roof garden might be one answer.

      I'm coming out: 5 top terraces

      Jaime Heather Schwartz


      Where architecture meets nature, the terrace is the perfect creative ground for some outdoor action. Bring your drink.

      Free for all: new public spaces

      Peter Smisek


      Whether it’s extra elbow room or a place to rub shoulders you’re looking for, new architect-designed public spaces give city dwellers a chance to choose their own adventure.

      Thirst quenchers: 5 refreshing waterfront projects

      Jaime Heather Schwartz


      A round-up of recent waterfront projects offering locals and visitors sites for leisure and lively social interaction prove water really is one of the elixirs of life.

      The new naturists: cities go greener

      Peter Smisek


      Urban greening projects are breathing new life into global cities by opening up public access to previously underused civic spaces.

      São Paulo: Entwerfen in einer Stadt der Gegensätze (Teil ...



      (Article available in German only) Die Architektur in São Paulo befindet sich in einem komplexen Spannungsfeld, welches durch das exponentielle Wachstum und das enorme Tempo seiner ständigen Verwandlung geprägt ist. Das daraus resultierende

      Brasília: Eine Stadt in Bewegung (Teil II)



      (Article available in German only) Das öffentliche Leben in Brasília ist trotz des urbanen Reissbrettcharakters bunt. Es gibt erstmalig eine Brasília-Generation. Menschen die in der neuen, auf Piloten gebauten Stadt geboren wurden, sich mit ihr

      Designing Detroit: How Motown rediscovered its Mojo

      Shonquis Moreno


      Long the poster boy for industrial collapse and urban decay, Detroit is back on its feet, using design as one of the main drivers of its new self-imagining.

      Creating an Urban Splash

      Dominic Lutyens


      Architects of urban projects are increasingly in thrall to water, believing it benefits them in a number of ways — from the aesthetic to the psychological. In one sense, when reflected in water, buildings look larger and more imposing. Yet

      Field of Dreams: greening the urban landscape

      Dominic Lutyens


      Increased urban congestion. Climate change and sustainability. Urban regeneration. The reasons for the burgeoning movement in highly considered, integrated green spaces in towns and cities around the globe are as manifold as the forms they take.

      Points in Space: (Contemporary) exercises in inscribing the ...

      Valentina Ciuffi


      Small works of architecture – from Canada, US and Mexico, to Norway, Chile and Sicily – are appearing across the planet on the basis of new design practices and attitudes. Journalist Valentina Ciuffi explores.

      Park life: the evolving approach to designing urban public ...

      Alyn Griffiths


      It could be argued that the pinnacle of urban landscape architecture was reached in seventeenth century France and the French formal gardens or in Britain's philantrophic Victorian public parks in the ninenteenth century. Contemporary urban

      A Railroad Runs Through It

      David Sokol


      When Manhattan's High Line – a disused section of freight railtrack turned magical stretch of urban park – opened in 2009, New Yorkers took to the sky. But the innovative conversion of the former train corridor by James Corner Field Operations