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Small sketches, big ideas – 40 years of window and facade ...

Brand story

Julia Hauch


Four decades ago, friends Herbert Holtgreife and Heinz-Theo Ebbert played around with the idea of how to fold glass. Ever since, their company Solarlux has been optimising the light in our work and living spaces.

Making friends at imm cologne

Brand story

Simon Keane-Cowell


Sitting down with imm cologne creative director Dick Spierenburg on the fair's 2024 theme of ‘Connecting Communities’ in a changing landscape and why the trade fair is returning to its January date...

Architonic Live Talks: what you may have missed at imm ...

Claire Brodka


At this year's reenvisioned imm cologne, the speakers for our Architonic Live Talks provided inspiration, exclusive anecdotes and a healthy dose of humour. We round up what you may have missed and explain how ChatGPT played a role.

Louis Poulsen PH5 pendant lamp: the history of the ...

James Wormald


Created by Poul Henningsen for Louis Poulsen, the story of the iconic PH5 pendant lamp is one of experimental science, and continues to guide both lighting and interior designers to this day.

‘Buildings are more than a statement of permanence’: ...

Simon Keane-Cowell


In the latest in our series of Architonic interviews with leading sustainability experts globally, we pose a focused set of no-nonsense questions to Marloes Fischer, founder and managing director of Swiss-based Circular Hub. The call goes out to

'Space is still prestigious, like a rare good in ...

Simon Keane-Cowell


David Marquardt of MACH Architektur explains why flexibility is key for modern workspaces: 'You don't need big meeting rooms, sitting empty.' Watch the video to hear what else he has to say…

‘Thursday is the new Friday. If it wasn't already’: ...

James Wormald


Russell Potter of Soda Studio describes how workplaces are creating more engaging environments: ‘We've seen offices put in show kitchens and yoga studios.’ Watch the video for more…

Matteo Thun & Partners explain their approach to ...

Simon Keane-Cowell


'Applying international and globally recognised certifications is not enough if there is no "self-certification",' argues the award-winning office's top team.

Editor's Letter – October 2022

Simon Keane-Cowell


The energy crisis, energetic thinking on sustainability and the power of lighting design.

'We use traditional elements but in a contemporary ...

Katharina Schwarze


João Tiago Aguiar of João Tiago Aguiar Arquitectos explains his affinity with using three-dimensional ceramics to create surfaces which 'bring interiors to life.' Watch the video to hear more…

‘We always try to reduce the job, the action in a ...

Simon Keane-Cowell


Dori Sadan of m-i-r-a explains his priority when designing a project's materiality: 'We address the bones of the space first, the surfaces.' Watch the video to hear more…

'We design sense by sense': Nayra Iglesias of In ...

James Wormald


Nayra Iglesias of In Out Studio explains their design process: 'We introduce a sensory diagram.' Then the architects add materiality to layer the experience. Learn more about it here…

‘Surfaces define our visual experience of space and ...

Simon Keane-Cowell


Swedish-Spanish design duo Space Popular, working at the interface between physical and virtual space, are anything but superficial. Get their thought-provoking insights here.

Design, sustainability and the circular economy: ...

Simon Keane-Cowell


Martin Postler of innovationist industrial-design studio PostlerFerguson reminds us of the challenges to, and the potential for, the design industry adopting a truly circular economy.

'We are in the Middle Ages with new tech': Patrick ...

Katharina Schwarze


Energetic designer Patrick Norguet asks an evolving furniture industry to carefully balance history with its future: 'The acceleration of the world has changed.' Watch the video for more…

'Furniture helps to tame a space': India Mahdavi

Simon Keane-Cowell


India Mahdavi explains the use of furniture beyond the functional: 'I use furniture architecturally as a main identifying element.' Watch the video to hear what else she has to say…

'Architects should use more colours and textiles': ...

James Wormald


Nipa Doshi and Jonathan Levien of Doshi Levien discuss the future of furniture: 'An environment rich in materiality and colour is more fun and experimental.' Watch the video for more…

Editor's Letter — July 2022

Simon Keane-Cowell


Global Design Agenda's Sustainability Design Week speakers stress the need to design and build sustainable cities for survival.

DAAily bar Live Talk at Milan Design Week: CMP Design

James Wormald


Michele Cazzaniga and Antonio Pagliarulo of CMP Design took to the DAAily bar Live Talk stage during Milan Design Week to explain how conviviality and friendship influence their work at every stage.

DAAily bar Live Talk at Milan Design Week: Calvi Brambilla

James Wormald


Milanese design duo Calvi Brambilla discuss the process behind their architecturally impressive fair stands at the DAAily bar during Milan Design Week.

DAAily bar Live Talk at Milan Design Week: Alfredo Häberli

James Wormald


Design grandee Alfredo Häberli argues at his DAAily bar Live Talk for the importance of physical, tactile experiences at design fairs and events, such as Milan Design Week.

DAAily bar Live Talk at Milan Design Week: Cristian Zuzunaga

James Wormald


Textile designer Cristian Zuzunaga describes his iconic pixelated style and design process in his Live Talk at the DAAily bar during Milan Design Week.

Marcus Fairs: 1967–2022



Architonic pays tribute to the visionary founder and editor-in-chief of Dezeen.

'Sustainability is not a question anymore, it's ...

James Wormald


Jan Boelen of Atelier LUMA explains the conditions required for change: 'True innovation only happens when there's a cultural shift.' Watch the video to hear more…

'Architecture has always been a bit of a ...

Simon Keane-Cowell


Craig Robertson of AHMM explains the opposing factors of modern architecture: 'Different stakeholders have different ideas of what a good building is.' Watch the video to hear what else he has to say…

'We cannot not build – but instead build for adaptive ...

Katharina Schwarze


Oliver Schaper of Gensler, one of the largest architecture firms in the world and currently in partnership with UN-Habitat, discusses the circular construction model. Watch the video to learn more…

‘It’s important to see what a building is made of’: ...

Simon Keane-Cowell


Martin Voelkle of BIG discusses sustainable architecture: ‘If it’s made from sustainable material, then you should be able to see it.’ Watch the video to hear more…

Editor's Letter – June 2022

Simon Keane-Cowell


DAAily platforms launches in a super-hot Milan, while we cool down with the Global Design Agenda Bathroom Design Week

DAAily bar Live Talk at Milan Design Week: Douglas Mandry

James Wormald


Douglas Mandry and Nicolas Girotto, CEO of Bally, discuss the concept behind their collaborative 30-metre-long art curtain, installed in the DAAily bar during Milan Design Week.

DAAily bar Live Talk at Milan Design Week: Stefan Diez

James Wormald


Stefan Diez proposes a retail revolution while introducing his mudra chair for Brunner at his DAAily bar Live Talk during Milan Design Week.

DAAily bar Live Talk at Milan Design Week: Sebastian Herkner

James Wormald


Sebastian Herkner introduces his recent Colombian-inspired, hand-woven outdoor furniture collection for Ames at his DAAily bar Live Talk during Milan Design Week.

DAAily bar Live Talk at Milan Design Week: Patricia Urquiola

James Wormald


At the well-attended DAAily bar Live Talk series at Milan Design Week, Patricia Urquiola discussed the eco-credentials and bio-material innovations found in her Nuez Lounge Bio armchair for Andreu World.

'I have seen a bathroom where the toilet is only 15cm ...

James Wormald


Li Wenqiang of PIG Design discusses the difficulties of designing bathrooms with limited space: 'It's a terrible experience, with knees and face against the door.' Watch the video to hear more…

'The mainstream bathroom is a high-end bathroom': ...

Katharina Schwarze


Maria Papafigou of OOAK architects discusses using innovative materials to create more personal bathrooms: 'Be experimental and dare to take a leap.' Watch the video to learn more…

'The bathroom as a machine became emotional': Marc ...

Simon Keane-Cowell


Marc Sadler discusses combining functional intelligence with emotional environments in bathrooms, 'Design is tech that you control and style.' Watch the video to learn more…

'Tiles definitely belong to the past': Matteo Thun ...

Simon Keane-Cowell


Matteo Thun discusses eliminating bathroom touch points: 'The future of the bathroom is touch-free. You need clean, big surfaces.' Watch the video to learn more…

Editor's Letter – May 2022

Simon Keane-Cowell


Against the backdrop of a potential global food crisis, our Kitchen Design Week speakers discuss the future of the kitchen, both functionally and culturally. And, in the near future, our DAAily bar in Milan opens its doors.

Milan Design Week: Douglas Mandry’s Art Curtain at the ...

James Wormald


Exhibiting at the DAAily bar during Milan Design Week, Douglas Mandry’s 30-metre-long Art Curtain will introduce visitors to the Swiss artist’s Monuments project, documenting climate change.

Milan Design Week: Live Talks at the DAAily bar

James Wormald


The DAAily bar is set to become one of Milan Design Week's biggest destinations, with a series of Live Talks featuring speakers from the very top of architecture and design.

'All a kitchen really needs is a big table and an ...

Katharina Schwarze


Lea Korzeczek and Matthias Hiller of Studio Oink talk about why our kitchens have so many appliances, but so little food.

'The kitchen is no longer an individual ...

James Wormald


Cristina Acha Odriozola of Acha Zaballa Arquitectos discusses contemporary social kitchen spaces: ‘That model of the service area is obsolete.’ Hear what else she has to say…

'The future of the kitchen is a home without a ...

Simon Keane-Cowell


Cristiano Pigazzini and Daniel Heckscher of Note Design Studio converse on future kitchen requirements: 'It is cheaper to get food than to prepare food.' Watch the video to hear more…

'We try to avoid social status in all our ...

Simon Keane-Cowell


Dries Otten discusses keeping things simple in kitchen design: 'I always try to bring it down to the basic question, what do we really need?' Watch the video to hear what else he has to say…

The Eames Lounge Chair: how a design classic was made

James Wormald


A blend of traditional lounge club style with contemporary materials and innovative manufacturing made the Eames Lounge Chair a timeless classic.

'You shouldn't socially engineer outdoor space too ...

Simon Keane-Cowell


Christina Seilern of Studio Seilern Architects discusses giving outdoor public spaces multiple characters: 'People will use it the way they want to.' Watch the video to learn more…

How De Vorm paved the way – with PET Felt

Brand story

Nick Compton


The Dutch manufacturer has been committed to sustainability in design since day one – and paved the way for innovation in the field with a surprisingly soft material.

New build is old news: Franklin Azzi on the architecture of ...

Simon Keane-Cowell


Maison&Objet 2022 Designer of the Year Franklin Azzi on architectural surgery, the current state of French design and why new build could soon be a thing of the past.

'A render of space without furniture is cold and ...

Simon Keane-Cowell


MAKE's Katy Ghahremani discusses selecting furniture early in the design process: 'It's important to show clients the materiality of spaces in the context of the FF&E.' Watch the video to learn more…

'Furniture is the first prosthesis that we have': ...

Simon Keane-Cowell


Alfredo Häberli of Alfredo Häberli Design Development discusses furniture that touches the soul: 'You can ask, is this piece of furniture design talking to me or not?' Watch the video to learn more…

'The roof or the ceiling is also a piece of ...

Simon Keane-Cowell


Benedetta Tagliabue of EMBT discusses an architect's desire to design all parts of a project, including the furniture: 'Everything goes together and everything is a whole.' Watch the video to learn more…

'We need to learn again about the slowness of ...

Simon Keane-Cowell


Sebastian Herkner discusses respecting well-designed products: 'It's important to cherish a product, to keep it as an investment.' Watch the video to learn more…

Editor's Letter – February 2022

Simon Keane-Cowell


Catalan creativity, the architectural El Clásico and Italian environmentalism.

Editor's Letter – January 2022

Simon Keane-Cowell


The great departed and the arrival of new voices. Welcome to 2022.

The second coming: Pedrali's Remind chair goes 100% ...

Brand story

Simon Keane-Cowell


'It's never too late,' says Ibizan-born designer Eugeni Quitllet of the all-new Recycled Grey version of Pedrali's strong-selling Remind monobloc chair.

Box clever: Heinze ArchitekTOUR

Brand story

Julia Hauch


With topics ranging from community building through cultural perception to architects as business developers, the Heinze ArchitekTOUR’s ‘Out of the Box’ series identifies new approaches and new role models for how we will live tomorrow.

Digital dialogue: Heinze ArchitekTOUR

Brand story

Julia Hauch


To advance visionary concepts, the right people need to be in the room, so Heinze has invited emerging talents as well as established industry experts to join the ArchitekTOUR supporting programme.

It's elementary: new outdoor furniture from Pedrali

Brand story

Simon Keane-Cowell


Strong on robustness and comfort, light on optics, new PEDRALI seating for the elements by Patrick Jouin and CMP Design provide flexible content for outdoor contract settings.

Meet the Jury for the 2021 AZ Awards!

AZ Awards


Our 10 spectacular jurors include designer Patricia Urquiola, architect Sou Fujimoto and interdisciplinary designer Karim Rashid.


Simon Keane-Cowell


'The office is going the way of the dining room,' says Jay Osgerby, one half of the innovative design duo Barber Osgerby. Watch now for more insights!

Playful precision: Pip by Richard Lampert

Brand story

Katharina Sommer


Pip, Pip, hooray! RICHARD LAMPERT’s fireproof furniture system Pip is as easy to assemble as a childhood stacking game.

Austria goes shopping



One year on from the takeover of Möbel Pfister by XXXLutz: When the Austrian furniture giant acquired the traditional Swiss company at the end of 2019, it caused a sensation. Where does Möbel Pfister stand today? We asked CEO Paul Holaschke. (DE

Little Italy: Porta Romana

Brand story

Dominic Lutyens


UK-based lighting and furniture brand PORTA ROMANA combines a love of Italian craftsmanship with a spirit of experimentation and innovation to bring a little piece of Florence to the south of England.

Clear perspective: Sky-Frame and Stephan Hürlemann

Brand story

Alyn Griffiths


Sky-Frame – Swiss specialists in frameless sliding window and door systems – continue their ‘My Point of View’ series of video portraits with architect and designer Stephan Hürlemann, who shares his perspective on design and its role in a

The new crew: Pedrali

Brand story

Simon Keane-Cowell


Challenging times call for a different perspective. PEDRALI delivers new ideas via new collaborations with Sebastian Herkner and Robin Rizzini.

Flowing conversation: VitrA Bathrooms

Brand story



Don’t miss the second installment in VitrA Bathrooms’ 'Meet the Designer' YouTube talks series: Design Director Erdem Akan in conversation with Terri Pecora!

Sky-Frame: Welcome aboard!

Brand story

Gerrit Terstiege


Bjarke Ingels talks unobstructed views and architecture as a force for good in the latest instalment of ‘My Point of View’, Swiss sliding-window manufacturer SKY-FRAME's film series.

Xavier Lust at Ralph Pucci New York: The New Baroque



Xavier Lust switches effortlessly between industrial production and limited editions. The Brussels-based designer just completed his new exhibition at the Ralph Pucci Penthouse in New York as part of a group exhibition with historic pieces by Pierre

Reinvented Architecture: The New City Studio (Part II)



Drawing upon rich traditions of architectural representation, these featured studios strike at the heart of architectural production while broadening the boundaries of professional identity.

Reinvented Architecture: The New City Studio (Part I)



Frequently accused of opportunism and single-mindedness, many New York-based architects and designers are nonetheless demonstrating expansive modes of working within the field.

The Shapeshifter: Alain Berteau

Brand story

Simon Keane-Cowell


Simple, meaningful designs that eschew trends in favour of long-selling products pushing typological boundaries – this is the stuff of Brussels-based studio ALAIN BERTEAU DESIGNWORKS.

Bends ahead: TON

Brand story

Simon Keane-Cowell


If there's one manufacturer that truly understands wood, it's long-established Czech brand TON. Their steam-bending expertise and passionate craftsmanship lives in the very grain of classic and contemporary furniture designs alike.

Architecture for the Present: Peter Zumthor



Sound is ephemeral. It reminds the listener that it is fleeting as it fades away at a rate distinct from those of the other senses. Echoes, however soft or lasting they are, are seemingly literary reminders of that which just occurred. The echo

Where the hell did poetry go?: Hind Rabii

Brand story

Dominic Lutyens


Moroccan-born, Belgian-based industrial designer HIND RABII gets all lyrical about light.

Zilla Leutenegger – Kunst als Fragezeichen

Karin Frei Rappenecker


Das Zusammenspiel von Kunst und Architektur wurde in dieser Rubrik bisher aus Betrachterperspektive beschrieben. Wie steht es aber um den Blickwinkel, den Künstler und Architekten auf diese Kombination haben? In den folgenden Ausgaben werden wir uns

Jori: redefining comfort

Brand story

Bethan Ryder


For over 50 years the Belgian manufacturer Jori has been making furniture which takes the stress out of everyday situations for its owners.

De Castelli: Metal at its finest

Brand story

Alyn Griffiths


With passion and innovative processing technology, the Italian firm DE CASTELLI brings the ancient material of metal to an unexpectedly modern level.

USM: The world is a (steel) sphere

Brand story

Alex Bradley


For over 50 years, the Swiss manufacturer USM has set the standard for premium-quality, simple, flexible furniture with its modular Haller System.

Olgiati’s Purity



Valerio Olgiati’s architecture is all about purity. It embodies a purity of form, of material, of light and of aesthetic experience. The structures that he and his atelier design are striking. For students of architecture, they are textbook

Ruedi Baur: Swiss Graphic Design – Past, Present and ...



There is one country that has contributed more than any other to the history of graphic design, which became an official discipline at the start of the 20th century. The country in question has a multi-faceted identity and is pacifist and rather

A Clean Vision: Alape

Brand story

Simon Keane-Cowell


Premium German manufacturer ALAPE, with its innovative approach to design and technology, has been shaping the experience of water in the bathroom since 1896.

On the Tiles: FAP Ceramiche’s Roma collection

Brand story

Simon Keane-Cowell


The past meets the present in leading Italian porcelain-tile manufacturer FAP CERAMICHE’s new Roma collection, which marries classical design elegance with contemporary technology.

Curves Ahead: Erik Bagger

Brand story

Dominic Lutyens


Danish brand Erik Bagger is nothing if not consistent. The organic language of its glass and tableware finds new expression in its furniture designs.

Campfire Stories

Brand story

Simon Keane-Cowell


It's often said that good design is legible design – objects that communicate their use and their usefulness. In the case of premium woodburning-stove manufacturer HARRIE LEENDERS, there's a compelling story behind many of the products, too.

Less is More

Brand story

Alyn Griffiths


When it comes to launching new products, refined Danish brand LOCA is certainly in no hurry. Why develop new pieces for the sake of it, when you can concentrate your efforts on designing for usefulness, quality and longevity?

The Taste of Technology

Brand story

Giovanna Dunmall


Premium Italian kitchen brand VALCUCINE has been a market leader for years, innovating in kitchen design that marries discreet technology with quality surfaces and considered materials.

Danish Delight

Brand story

Tom Morris


Family-run lighting brand DARØ from Denmark creates lighting products that continue to work when they're switched off. Enlightening stuff.

Love You Long Time

Brand story

Clare Dowdy


With its proven track record of developing products that attest to an impeccable consideration of technology, materials, function and longevity, it's no surprise that ARPER's designs have a habit of becoming instant classics.

Against the Grain

Brand story

Aljoscha Weskott


Wood needs time and a deep understanding of its materiality to truly reveal its innate beauty. TRAPA invests not only these, but also top-notch craftsmanship, in its products, which marry the contemporary and the functional with the compellingly

Back in Brooklyn

Shonquis Moreno


(In English only) The NYC design borough that’s still mixing things up.

Revolutionary Cells

Shonquis Moreno


In spite of its rich heritage, premium lighting brand REGGIANI is looking to the future, with innovation, style and dragonfly eyes.

The Doors

Brand story

Alyn Griffiths


Despite its longevity, Italian manufacturer ACERBIS shows no signs of resting on its laurels. Quite the opposite, in fact, as it continues to pursue tirelessly its vision for the perfect living room.

Have a Seat

Brand story

Dominic Lutyens


A combination of skillfully combined materials such as plastic, wood and metal make PEDRALI's contract-furniture collection functional and versatile like no other.

The Wild One

Brand story

Simon Keane-Cowell


Materials are anything but immaterial to KARPENTER – the Indonesian-based design brand that in the few short years since its launch has managed to claim a convincing stake at the table of manufacturers who truly understand the critical relation

Zaha Hadid (1950–2016)

Klaus Leuschel


Respected design critic and curator Klaus Leuschel pays a personal tribute to the Baghdad-born architect who, despite her non-establishment profile, would go on to become one of industry’s most influential and paradigm-shifting grandees.

Touch Wood

Brand story

Bethan Ryder


Premium Italian design brand PEDRALI is celebrating ten years of its pioneering wood division, which sees the combination of traditional carpentry skills with innovative production techniques, as perfect as a dovetail joint. Maximum stability with

Leather Seen

Brand story

Giovanna Dunmall


Move aside perfection. Here comes authenticity. ALPHENBERG, premium producer of leather flooring and wall coverings, has become the go-to partner for high-end contract and private projects internationally looking for an injection of warmth, character

Many Hands Make Light Work

Brand story

Alyn Griffiths


Light+Building 2016 sees Taiwanese lighting brand QisDesign exhibit its award-winning LED lights. In step with the global trend for green design, QisDesign combines innovative LED lighting technology with original design to achieve creative LED

The Enlightenment

Brand story

Giovanna Dunmall


Somewhere between pop culture, childhood memory and philosophy lies In-es.artdesign, whose highly sculptural lighting products – as the brand name would suggest – are as functional in design terms as they are expressive as art pieces.

Storytelling Asia: Neri & Hu



Architects, designers, entrepreneurs, based between Shanghai and London, Lyndon Neri and Rossana Hu are devoted to their multi-faceted projects, ranging from interiors to designing products and architecture for public or private use. TLmag had the

Modern Talking

Brand story

Bethan Ryder


Having established itself, through its collaboration with an impressive international cohort of designers, as a premium accessories brand, MENU’s highly considered, new Modernism Reimagined collection successfully positions the high-end Danish

Life on the outside

Brand story

Alyn Griffiths


Ah, the great outdoors. We all love it and know the benefits it has on both mind and body. Premium furniture brand OASIQ delivers design that makes us feel as equally as good, proving that retro design and high levels of comfort needn't be at odds

Back to the Future

Brand story

Simon Keane-Cowell


All good things come to those who wait. Design legend Ettore Sottsass may have left us, but, thanks to global design brand KARTELL, a completely new collection of striking accessories authored by the maestro himself is being launched this month.

Welcome to the design lab

Brand story

Giovanna Dunmall


As much a long-term research project and lifestyle philosophy as it is a brand, AMURA, launched in 2015, is committed to marrying affordability with Italian quality, underpinned by second-to-none upholstery craftsmanship.

Mountain High, River Deep

Brand story

Giovanna Dunmall


With their first-rate designs authored by the likes of Marc Sadler and Patrick Jouin, not to mention their ‘Made in Italy’ stamp, it’s no wonder PEDRALI’s products have been specified for an international array of diverse and enviable

Wake up and smell the coffee

Brand story

Simon Keane-Cowell


Premium Swiss manufacturer FRANKE COFFEE SYSTEMS has been getting up at the crack of dawn for over 40 years to produce fully automatic coffee machines for an ever-growing, international customer base. The perfect blend of design, technology and

Hot Source

Brand story

Simon Keane-Cowell


Premium Italian radiator brand TUBES, known for its collaboration with big-name designers and its striking, sculptural products, turns the heat up once again with the launch of its new ‘RIFT’ radiator, the ultimate in customisation and flexible

Architecture Iran – innovative facades

Sophie Loschert


The Western view of Iran has long been distorted. With the suspension of international sanctions, a spirit of optimism has taken hold of the country, including its architectural and design scene. In the first part of our new series ‘Architecture

Great Bedfellows

Brand story

Giovanna Dunmall


BOLZAN LETTI's new 'Care Collection' is right on trend when it comes to flexibility. With headboards and frames 'dressable' in seven different designs, it's sweet dreams for the high-end Italian bed manufacturer.

Light relief

Brand story

Alyn Griffiths


Anyone who spends too much time at their desk knows how damaging a lack of daylight can be to their psychological wellbeing. In response to this issue, lighting brand LUCTRA has developed an intelligent system that replicates natural light to lessen

The Right Stuff: Sylvain Willenz

Brand story

Simon Keane-Cowell


His raft of enviable collaborations with the likes of Cappellini and Established & Sons, and, more recently, Retegui, Menu and Objekten, are testimony to the fact that Brussels-based designer Sylvain Willenz creates Things That People Actually

The Materialists: strasserthun

Brand story

Simon Keane-Cowell


Stick a pin in the middle of a map of Switzerland and the chances are you've landed near Thun, a small town that's home to a big player in terms of materials know-how. Long-established, high-end carpenters and fitters strasserthun invite architects,

Hélène Binet – Substantiating a New Practice



Recognised as one of today’s foremost architectural photographers, Hélène Binet works exclusively with analogue film. Fostering a style all her own, The Franco-Swiss artists has captured some of the past quarter-century’s most monumental

Switched On: Benjamin Hubert

Simon Keane-Cowell


'Awards come and go,' says Benjamin Hubert. 'They're not a mark of good design, that's for sure.' You'd be forgiven for thinking that there's more than a touch of false modesty or disingenuity at work here, given the celebratory press coverage the

The Unlimited Ambition of Limited-Edition Design: in ...

David Sokol


Love it or hate it, limited-edition design has proved over the last few years that it's more than just a passing trend. No one event has done more to encourage the growth of this particular market than Design Miami. With its European edition, Design

Peter Cook: On Lines and Shadows

David Sokol


Peter Cook is a Washington, DC–based principal of Davis Brody Bond Aedas