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      Getting high: Kusch+Co helps make airports better places to ...

      Brand story

      Simon Keane-Cowell


      In addition to health and office, Kusch+Co demonstrates how seating for transport projects remains one of its enviable core competences.

      Sky's the limit: new airport lounges fly high

      Peter Smisek


      In-air travel might have lost some of its lustre, but newly designed airport lounges are changing the course with ultra-modern and luxurious settings that invite travellers to unwind or keep working in total comfort.

      As above, so below: Benthem Crouwel discuss their new ...

      Jaime Heather Schwartz


      Benthem Crouwel’s new North-South metro line brings the overground underground with its urban-space approach to subway-station design.

      Going underground: new metro stations

      Peter Smisek


      How do you keep the masses on the move while making the passenger experience as efficient and pleasurable as possible? A number of recently completed metro stations show how. All aboard!

      Parking for the people: new car parks

      Peter Smisek


      With design concepts integrating environmental factors, multi-use function and strong aesthetics, today’s car parks are bringing man and machine into better coexistence.

      Taking it to the next level: Groosman's P+R ...

      Simon Keane-Cowell


      When it came to the design of a new park-and-ride facility in the Netherlands, Dutch office Groosman chose to give people and place as much right of way as automobiles.

      Taking route: 5 bus stations going places

      Madeline Bouton


      From the Philippines to the Netherlands, bus-station projects are revving up.

      Next Stop: new bus-station architecture

      Simon Keane-Cowell


      Summer's here. Let's take a trip! Traditionally the poor cousin to more grandiose transport-architectural types like airports and railway stations, bus-station design is moving into top gear.

      Station to Station

      Alyn Griffiths


      There has been a dramatic shift in the demands placed by public transportation on contemporary architecture since the turn of the millennium – the need to square the burgeoning of passenger numbers that attends the unstoppable march of urbanisation

      Kunst zum Abfliegen und Ankommen

      Karin Frei Rappenecker


      (German only) Flughäfen sind Durchgangsstationen und damit eigentliche Unorte – ohne Geschichte und ohne Identität. Kunst in Flughäfen hat das Potenzial, ihnen eine solche zu verleihen. Mit eindrücklicher Wirkung – bis in die Filmwelt.

      The Heat is Off

      Katharina Sommer


      Long before the advent of air-conditioning, lo-tech means of cooling buildings were well established. Now, architects worldwide are rediscovering the sustainable benefits of natural temperature control through clever design.

      The Mile-High Club

      Klaus Leuschel


      Ever since Norman Foster's game-changing Stansted Airport was completed almost 25 years ago, it's been full throttle for London's high-tech architects, with their aviation-celebrating terminals around the globe themselves been celebrated for their

      Right on So Many Levels: innovative car-park design

      Simon Keane-Cowell


      When Joni Mitchell sang that 'they paved paradise and put up a parking lot', she neatly expressed our none-too-positive relationship with that most modern of building types, the car park. Architonic invites you to pull up to the bumper and take a