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      Regent Lighting’s Joker: a seriously good lamp

      Brand story

      Katharina Sommer


      With its new Joker desk lamp, Swiss lighting specialist REGENT LIGHTING is revolutionising lighting for the workplace.

      Know this: new university design

      Peter Smisek


      The landscape of third-level education is changing and, with it, its literal architectural landscape. Flexible learning requires flexible spatial solutions.

      A different class: new school architecture

      Peter Smisek


      Schoolchildren have a greater chance of excelling in architecture that excels. Our latest survey of school projects from around the globe shows how it's done.

      Game on: innovative visualisation at BIM World MUNICH

      Brand story

      Katharina Sommer


      BIM technology is able to feed 3D technologies with a whole range of additional intelligent information – which opens up numerous new possibilities in the field of visualisation. At BIM World MUNICH this year, you’ll be able to see three

      Pulse generator: BIM World MUNICH

      Brand story

      Katharina Sommer


      At BIM World MUNICH on 26 and 27 November, more than 200 exhibitors – established companies and start-ups alike – will present the latest tools and technologies for digitising the construction and real estate industries.

      Small Wonder: new kindergartens

      Peter Smisek


      Design-led kindergartens aren't just places for storing kids. They're cleverly conceived spaces that support development through play and interaction.

      New chapters: 6 libraries offering a fresh start

      Jaime Heather Schwartz


      Libraries are turning the page and entering the post-digital age with help from architect-led designs that revitalise and reactive their civic value.

      Best in class: New schools have done their homework

      Peter Smisek


      A shift in the classic classroom dynamic has occurred and architects have taken note, designing schools that are ready to respond to the future with a mind toward sustainability and more room for creativity.

      Building our future: new school architecture

      Peter Smisek


      We've learned that learning itself, when it's made enjoyable, produces better results. And architects have learned how to respond to this shift by displacing the battery-farm model of countless, characterless classrooms with altogether more dynamic

      The Architecture of Learning: CF Møller

      Simon Keane-Cowell


      One of the typological furrows successfully ploughed by Danish practice CF Møller is the design of large school schemes. Its recently completed Copenhagen International School occupies both an intriguing site – on the extension of a former quay

      Alma matters: new university buildings

      Alyn Griffiths


      Like their students, universities are investing in their futures – calling on architects for long-lasting buildings that will not only promote flexible working, community interaction and new approaches to learning, but also function as highly

      Home-grown: 4 new Japanese kindergartens

      Madeline Bouton


      A cohort of recently completed Japanese kindergarten projects demonstrate how the language of domestic spaces can be translated into pre-school environments.

      Dutch Architecture



      For decades a test bed for bold, experimental projects, the Netherlands continues to function as an architecturally compelling landscape – both in terms of design practice and consumption.

      Constructive Thinking: new school architecture

      Simon Keane-Cowell


      Architects get clever, designing innovative and inspiring school environments that change the way students move, think and feel.

      Piling Them High

      Dominic Lutyens


      Bricks in contemporary architecture may well be saddled with a reputation for retrograde traditionalism – after all, the oldest discovered bricks date from before 7500 BC. For some, they conjure up images of architecturally unimaginative housing

      Fluid learning: Sir Paul Reeves Building, AUT University

      Indesign Media Asia Pacific


      A landmark building by Jasmax marks a paradigm shift in student-centric space (Text by Andrea Stevens)

      Kindergarten Design Grows Up: contemporary nursery-school ...

      Simon Keane-Cowell


      A number of recently completed kindergarten projects have proved that designing user-centred environments for the more diminutive among us shouldn't be at odds with creating highly expressive structures. Architonic takes a look at a selection of