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      The boss of emboss: Woven Image

      Brand story

      Dominic Lutyens


      Inspired by Japonisme and anything but two-dimensional, Australian wall-coverings manufacturer WOVEN IMAGE’s two new acoustic wall panels – Zen and Ion – help calm the modern workplace.

      Word up!: DALI

      Brand story

      Dominic Lutyens


      Sound design for large, open spaces – such as train stations – brings with it many challenges. Thankfully, with their high-performance, wide-dispersion speakers, DALI provides an answer.

      Volume in space: DALI

      Brand story

      Dominic Lutyens


      Danish sound specialist DALI has fine-tuned the art of bringing clear sound to large spaces – to the delight of architects and designers everywhere.

      Eyes on the prize: German Design Award 2021

      Brand story

      Gerrit Terstiege


      10 July is the closing date for entries for the GERMAN DESIGN AWARDS 2021, which, for the first time, also features a prize aimed at young architectural offices and design studios in a new category.

      The new bronze age: GIRA

      Brand story

      Gerrit Terstiege


      With control systems that include warm bronze tones and subtly shimmering surfaces, premium manufacturer of intelligent building technology GIRA, offers new creative freedom to specifiers interested in reflecting current trends.

      Hot off the press: G-Pulse from GIRA

      Brand story

      Gerrit Terstiege


      What makes an original an original? You can find the answer to this and more in GIRA’s G-Pulse – an online magazine aimed explicitly at architects and interior designers.

      Pushing my buttons: GIRA

      Brand story

      Gerrit Terstiege


      GIRA’s new pushbutton sensor 4 may employ a minimalist design language, but with its choice of LED icon colours as well as a pleasantly haptic response to touch, it packs a powerful, multi-sensory punch.

      Regent Lighting’s Joker: a seriously good lamp

      Brand story

      Katharina Sommer


      With its new Joker desk lamp, Swiss lighting specialist REGENT LIGHTING is revolutionising lighting for the workplace.

      Micro management: Dauphin

      Brand story

      Barbara Jahn-Rösel


      Dauphin’s new Fiore chair collection has an invisible USP – an antimicrobial MicroSilver finish that is effective against bacterial infection and other micro-organisms.

      All whirlpools are not the same: Jacuzzi®

      Brand story

      Alyn Griffiths


      There’s a reason why global wellness brand Jacuzzi® has long gone from proper noun to the generic term for a whirlpool experience: superlative design and innovation.

      Fashion that’s never out of fashion: Villeroy & Boch

      Brand story

      Gerrit Terstiege


      While certain room elements are more susceptible to the whims of fashion, walls and floors often have more permanent natures. With their METALYN tile series, however, Villeroy & Boch show that the two are not mutually exclusive, as they

      The best seat in the house: ZÜCO

      Brand story

      Katharina Sommer


      ZÜCO may have been in business for almost a century, but that doesn’t stop the Swiss seating experts embracing the latest technology for enviable ergonomics.

      Don't shush me!: BOSSE

      Brand story

      Barbara Jahn-Rösel


      Decades of experience has secured German manufacturer BOSSE’s position as a pioneer of room-in-room solutions – sustainable and comfortable spaces for trouble-free communication.

      ISE departs from Amsterdam in style



      The 15th edition of ISE delivered a vibrant showcase of exhibitors and an exciting programme of events. We look back at the highlights from the final show in Amsterdam as ISE prepares for the next phase of its evolution.

      Inside/Out: String moves outdoors

      Brand story

      Simon Keane-Cowell


      What better way to invigorate a design classic than to rethink it for outdoor usage? Swedish brand String Furniture's iconic shelving system gets some fresh air.

      Seat temptation: Roda

      Brand story

      Dominic Lutyens


      Inside or out? With Italian outdoor furniture manufacturer RODA’s new EDEN sofa collection this ceases to be a question, as indoor and outdoor living become one.

      Design Center’s Focus Open: the hands-on design award

      Brand story

      Gerrit Terstiege


      The DESIGN CENTER BADEN-WÜRTTEMBERG’s Focus Open jury don’t mind getting their hands dirty. Before handing over any prizes, all entries will have been not only seen but touched, tested and tried out.

      Employee of the month: OKAY.III from König + Neurath

      Brand story

      Gerrit Terstiege


      Changing places – and therefore chairs – during the working day has become a completely normal thing. One particularly flexible member of the team is the OKAY.III office chair from KÖNIG + NEURATH, which automatically adapts to each of its




      Do not follow the flow, bring it where you want.

      It might get loud: DALI

      Brand story

      Clare Dowdy


      With its 37 years of experience, Danish manufacturer DALI has developed wall-mountable loudspeakers that stand firm even when subjected to vibration – so turn it up!

      Behind the music: DALI

      Brand story

      Clare Dowdy


      The complex technology behind DALI's CI Hi-FI loudspeakers delivers a smoother sound and a larger ‘sweet spot’ for the listener – with no compromise on aesthetics.

      Resounding!: loudspeakers from DALI

      Brand story



      Danish loudspeaker manufacturer DALI is on a mission to convince interior designers of the value of audio products – with high-quality, easy-to-install speakers that respect a space's clean lines.

      Squeaky clean: Duravit HygieneGlaze 2.0

      Brand story

      Barbara Jahn-Rösel


      DURAVIT’s newly developed ceramic glaze HygieneGlaze 2.0 for toilet and urinal eliminates germs and pathogens without the use of chemicals.

      ISE 2020: What to expect



      Expand your ideas of what’s possible by visiting ISE

      Integrating Design with Technology at ISE 2020



      To create residential properties that deliver the best-integrated experience for homeowners as well as the right aesthetic fit, the design-build and home technology communities should work together to recognise the needs of the industry. ISE 2020 is

      Cut your cloth: Interior.Architecture.Hospitality LIBRARY

      Brand story

      Alyn Griffiths


      The Interior.Architecture.Hospitality LIBRARY at Heimtextil 2020 presents textile materials with a range of functional features, such as fire protection or sound insulation. In this way, it helps designers find the optimal solutions for their

      M&K Filze: making its presence felt

      Brand story

      Gerrit Terstiege


      Bavaria's M&K Filze has learnt a thing or two about wool in its 150-year history, not least that it can be dangerous to follow the flock. No surprise then that they’ve developed a new material in-house: Nitona, a felt product that’s ideal for

      BIMisation: how BIM is changing the construction industry

      Brand story

      Katharina Sommer


      BIM World MUNICH will feature a comprehensive programme of events covering all aspects of Building Information Modeling. One of the focus points: How can digital transformation contribute to more sustainability in construction?

      Good threads: Sustainability at Heimtextil 2020

      Brand story

      Dominic Lutyens


      HEIMTEXTIL 2020 in Frankfurt is differentiating its range of products in the area of ecologically manufactured textiles – among other things, with its new Future Materials Library.

      Sitting in motion: Wagner Dondola 4D

      Brand story

      Barbara Jahn-Rösel


      Thanks to the equally simple and ingenious Dondola 4D joint from WAGNER, ‘sitting’ now becomes a thing we ‘do’.

      Freedom for flooring!: ASB Glassfloor

      Brand story

      Barbara Jahn-Rösel


      The revolutionary LumiFlex floor from the German manufacturer ASB GLASSFLOOR transforms floor and wall surfaces of any size into heavy-duty, multifunctional monitors, and with them opens up new aesthetic and communicative avenues.

      Full steam ahead on innovation!: GROHE

      Brand story

      Susanna Koeberle


      GROHE manufactures its new Icon 3D series fittings using a 3D metal printing process – a small revolution, or at least a big step in design evolution.

      And the livin' is easy: Busch-Jaeger

      Brand story

      Gerrit Terstiege


      German specialists in smart-building technology BUSCH-JAEGER have developed a multitude of networked products and services that impress with their simple, intuitive usability and discreet elegance.

      Are you getting your greens?: Agrilution Plantcube

      Brand story

      Gerrit Terstiege


      Munich-based start-up Agrilution brings agtech to the home with its Plantcube – an innovative, new architecturally integrated or freestanding unit for smart edible-plant cultivation.

      It’s oh so quiet: Silent Gliss

      Brand story

      Simon Keane-Cowell


      Silence is golden, they say. In which case, premium Swiss curtain- and blind-system manufacturer Silent Gliss has just hit the jackpot a second time with its innovative new Silent Track range. Listen closely...

      RESCLITE PRO – smart emergency lighting

      Zumtobel Lighting


      The new RESCLITE PRO LED solution from Zumtobel adds an extra dimension to emergency lighting. This efficient emergency luminaire utilises new lenses to provide enhanced flexibility.

      Hearing Aid: Fantoni

      Brand story

      Simon Keane-Cowell


      When the architects of a new big-league conference centre in Algiers needed an acoustics partner, they turned to premium Italian manufacturer FANTONI.


      Ideal Work


      New design criteria has seen concrete become increasingly in demand by architects and designers to create spaces with contemporary aesthetics. Microtopping is an innovative solution that combines the aesthetic qualities of concrete with the modern

      Create the chimney stack that suits you



      Luminance represents a range of new and modern chimney stacks that are designed to be customised.

      „The Loft“, Wortmann



      “The Loft”, the transformation of a warehouse into an office for 180 people.


      Milano Bedding


      Dennis, designed by Guido Rosati, is a multipurpose sofa and sofa bed, a project of the Italian company Milano Bedding, offering original solutions for domestic living rooms but also for hospitality areas. Featuring modular units of different

      Glazed steel



      It is the diversity and wealth of variants provided by Goslar-based manufacturer Alape that enables planners and architects to tune statement and dominance of a basin to follow almost any design approach. Alape's innovative strength combines more

      TF URBAN: The Circular Bench

      Tolerie Forezienne


      In the space of a decade, the Circular Bench from Belgian designer Lucile Soufflet has attracted a growing number of European cities. Playing on the transformation of its profiles, this circular bench flexibly stretches and extends to create

      Tolerie Forezienne

      Tolerie Forezienne


      Paris – The Louis Vuitton Foundation has opened the doors of its showplace dedicated to contemporary design, in the heart of the bois de Boulogne. Designed as a complete work of art, even the signage for visitors – by TF, using a concept from

      Emotions which are enduring



      TAVOLARTE brings people together. The form and topic strengthen roots and provide support. May be changed with a basis that stays the same. Two oak plates engraved into the surface resemble the classic table cloth. The undersides which are light in

      Tolerie Forezienne

      Tolerie Forezienne


      TF Urban and Marc Aurel took on the challenge of creating a signature furniture that would allow Europe’s large cities to update their image while meeting all of the needs for a contemporary urban space: lightness, comfort for all users,

      SLICED by Francesco Perego for Gaffuri



      The idea came from the desire to create a table with which the final user can literally interact during its construction and assembly and create a product made to order. The structure, consisting of plywood modules, is the key element and can be

      FerreroLegno design

      Studio Roscio


      In the context of contemporary living, the door is not only a functional but also an aesthetic design plus, which contributes to the uniqueness of an environment. This is Scenario, a sliding glass door system designed by FerreroLegno that can also be

      Light design with LUCTRA®



      A new lamp system delights the trade specialists: the demanding audience at the Milan Design Week just as much as the critical award juries for the Interior Design and the Red Dot awards. For good reason, because LUCTRA® lamps, which are 'Made in

      Force One: Like No Other



      Force One is a powerhouse in terms of lighting properties, yet clear-cut and elegant in design. The top-class nature of this product is further underlined by the innovative light control system that allows users to set the lighting according to their

      fouta — everyday towels made to last 



      Over the centuries finespun cotton towels have proven themselves in the Arabian bathing culture. Especially in Tunisia the colorful towels are essential to everyday life. But also western bathrooms are lately welcoming the simple, stylish and

      WARM DIMMING LED technology



      The new LED Warm Dimming (DT) technology can be used to change the lighting to meet the technical and design needs of the moment, creating a pleasant, halogen dimming effect.

      Design Plus Award at ISH 2015

      Studio Roscio


      Design Meneghello Paolelli Associati / Divisione FIMA Wellness

      Meridiani at Maison & Objet



      A range of warm embracing tones: various shades of red, from the most vivid one to terracotta, are combined with light blues, teal greens and more neutral colors. Soft velvets are paired with textured fabrics and ultra-matte surfaces are juxtaposed

      STARON® Hotel Bathroom without Barriers at BAU 2015

      Anna-Maria Wiede


      People with physical disabilities are dependent on buildings being designed in such a way that they provide disabled access. This principle has for the most part been applied in public facilities, even though there is still ground to make up in this

      Innovative STARON® Facade Cladding Points

      Sascha Peters


      Ever since the mid-nineties, flowing and organic forms that shape facade and roof design have been a prominent trend in contemporary architecture. Whereas in the past the implementation of special facade solutions required architects to cooperate

      STARON® Hotel Room Doors for the Smart Hotel of the Future

      Sascha Peters


      Just as over the past decade online booking systems have simplified the search for the right accommodation for the next holiday or an upcoming business trip, new communication technology combined with innovative materials will in future extend and

      Rockouture Sofa by Giorgio Soressi for Erba Italia

      Erba Italia


      Rockouture is a piece that combines the classic patterns such as capitonné with themes paying homage to the eclecticism Bauhaus such as the metal structure.,100% Made in Italy for a distinctly eclectic piece with unique design.,Frame covered with

      The only thing that matters: freedom!



      Welcome! The Cubit sofa is the latest addition to our world of furnishings. Like our shelves, it’s modular, puristic and diverse. And best of all, it’s completely manufactured in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany!

      iParker project by KLAUS Multiparking

      KLAUS Multiparking


      Intelligent systems are enjoying a boom throughout the home automation sector. At the BAU 2015 exhibition in Munich, KLAUS Multiparking will be demonstrating the implications of this trend for the parking solutions of the future. As one of the

      ViVAA combines elegant design and homogenous lighting

      H. Waldmann


      The reduced design of the ViVAA LED room lighting focuses on its pleasant, soft light. The high indirect component brightens corridors, entryways and rest areas in a friendly and welcoming light.

      Free-standing Luminaire LAVIGO PULSE VTL

      H. Waldmann


      Combined with the PULSE VTL light management system, the free-standing luminaire LAVIGO from Waldmann imitates the dynamic course of daylight, recreating the natural light experience and its positive effects at office work stations.

      Invent the open space! ARCHITECTS open space acoustic system



      ARCHITECTS is an innovative acoustic panel system by acousticpearls that provides an optimal means to partition large spaces conveniently and help reshape the acoustics of workspaces.

      EPÒNIMO: Rock table



      In the Epònimo collection the piece that has caught most of the public’s attention is the Rock table. Marble is a precious material, classical and yet timeless, well suited for the development of modern objects while mantaining a quality of

      Task Luminaire PARA.MI

      H. Waldmann


      The new Waldmann PARA.MI LED task luminaire comes in a range of basic forms and colors that can be combined freely to ensure optimal lighting and maximum individuality in the office.

      Free-Standing Luminaire LAVIGO

      H. Waldmann


      Waldmann addresses the needs of new normative and situational demands in the office with its modular LAVIGO LED luminaire family. The clear lines and simple elegance characteristic of the luminaire design by Structurelab architect Jürgen Schubert

      Wellness: why is acoustic comfort so important to all of us



      Headache? Poor concentration? Annoyance? Irritation? Communication problems? It’s time to make your hearing feel important, Slalom design your silence. (Beatrice Fanchini)

      Teso by Antrax: architecture, design and technology to warm ...

      antrax it


      The discrete radiator which keeps things nice and tidy with an essential and particular shape

      Tried and tested quality, new flexibility

      Claudia Neumann Communication GmbH


      Following the successful launch of the RE/COVER green collection, with "PARTS", Vorwerk is now also presenting plank formats of ecological elastomers for flexible design in the business-site sector and residential living spaces. A structured surface

      Megatrends in working environments



      New horizons are opening up in the working environment: in technology, in management, in infrastructure. More and more, creativity, interaction and communication are becoming the central issues for successfully dealing with work tasks. The key is to

      "Serie T" by Antrax goes beyond the simple concept ...

      antrax it


      The radiator which becomes a piece of design. Its semplicity, elegance and lightness makes him unique and inimitable.

      Up, upcycled fabrics

      Equipo DRT


      Up, upcycled fabrics talking about environmentally sensitive and sustainable design

      Lapèlle Design leather tiles: a new pyramid, one shape, ...

      Lapèlle Design


      Lapèlle Design introduces its last new: a new asimmetric pyramid that can be matched with other already available squared and rectangular shapes. The new pyramidal leather tiles are available in all Lapèlle Design colours and collections so to let

      The unique modular furniture system



      With the "modul space" furnishing system from Bosse Design, virtually any furniture design is possible. The quality of the intelligent system is obvious down to the smallest detail.

      X-Code: Inspired by the world of running



      The successful sport sector is a true pioneer in its field, using innovative technology to create lightweight, perfect fitting sport shoes. With their groundbreaking design, intricate construction and high-tech fibres, they promise to open up totally

      Efficiency in open-plan offices



      The innovative "human space Cube" room-in-a-room system from Bosse allows you to do the things that are not so easily possible in modern open-plan office environments. These include speaking to someone in private, concentrating on your work without

      Atelier: Concentrating on the “central zone”



      Open office concepts encourage communication, but they can also be perceived by some employees as being disruptive, for instance when they are trying to concentrate on their work. Individually planned central zones counter this by establishing a

      Swiss Material Matters



      Design Prize Switzerland nominee Beat Karrer introduces his new, biodegradable material FluidSolids® to California audiences.

      TOILETPAPER for Gufram



      Gufram keeps investigating the thin line between art and design. This year TOILETPAPER – with Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari at the streering wheel – came into the project as a privileged partner. On the occasion of the Salone del

      sichtbare.HAPTIK - fühlbare.OPTIK



      Individualisierung bedeutet unter anderem, sich außerhalb der Masse zu definieren. Somit sucht man immer nach neuen Ideen und Materialien, um Individualität zu erlangen. Vor allem in den Bereichen Design, Gestaltung und in der Werbung ist dies von

      Trending Since 1994



      Indoors or outdoors, work or leisure, at a meeting or a dinner party, serious and concentrating hard or playful, inspiring fun… Extremis’ tools for togetherness do away with all those outdated oppositions. The extremis collection works perfectly

      SPLYT by Reggiani - Design by LAPD



      System of projectors for interiors created to meet the specific demand for high performance (up to 2880 lm) Wall Washer optics, very narrow beams (< 6°) and an optical compartment thickness of only 40 mm, SPLYT is the latest product of

      KELLER minimal windows®



      The desire for light and colour combined with aesthetics and security is outstandingly possible with KELLER minimal windows®. Thanks to the multiple execution solutions, the design of the sliding system KELLER minimal windows® offers a full

      Functionality and Aesthetics Re-Defined



      With the A-Chair, designers jehs+laub have created a chair for large venues and events for Brunner, which appears all of a piece, thanks to the smooth junction of seat shell and frame. As a modular all-purpose chair, it sets new benchmarks in terms

      Walk the Line

      Brand story

      Simon Keane-Cowell


      Why do manufactured products look the way they do? Often it’s practical necessity. Sometimes it’s aesthetic tradition. In the case of sanitaryware, it’s due historically to the materials limits of Vitreous China and Fine Fire Clay. Enter

      The SPARC Sigma MGS: the latest addition to the Ventura ...



      The innovative Swiss watch manufacturer Ventura has extended its collection of automatic digital watches with a new model – the SPARC Sigma MGS. Designed by Paolo Fancelli, it is characterised by its organic form and its carefully considered radii,

      Leadchair. Design: EOOS

      Walter Knoll


      The art of leadership needs excellent tools – tools for convincing management. The new Leadchair makes a clear statement: modern understatement.

      LED free-standing luminaires combine light quality and ...

      H. Waldmann


      The new LED luminaires by Waldmann represent a giant developmental leap in office lighting with LEDs.

      Wireless module PULSE TALK

      H. Waldmann


      The new wireless module PULSE TALK from Waldmann allows luminaires to communicate with each other in groups. It requires only a few simple steps to set up, thus increasing user convenience significantly.

      acousticpearls ARCHITECTS – open space acoustic system: ...



      The ARCHITECTS system is an innovative acoustic panel system that can be used to partition large spaces conveniently and help redefine workspaces. The system offers a means to uniquely combine structure and tranquility, without losing the transparent

      Architonic and Designboom launch strategic alliance



      "It is our aim to provide readers and the market with an efficient and high-quality environment for research, inspiration and communication. To this end, Architonic and Designboom are a perfect match because they complement each other both in terms

      Architonic launches pilot project with EasternGraphics, ...

      Simon Keane-Cowell


      Architonic's commitment to making the research and planning process as painless and effective as possible takes a major step forward through its new partnership with number-one visualisation-software developers Eastern Graphics. We're delighted to

      ARCLINEA PRESENTS: ARTUSI OUTDOOR, design Antonio Citterio



      Arclinea provides a concrete answer for the planning of outdoor cooking areas. The new Artusi Island becomes a true unique ‘outdoor’ kitchen, like every Arclinea product, conceived as a real space, a kitchen for living and using. .In stainless

      1.3 Balsa CHAIR – Furniture Design of the Year 2012



      Kihyun Kim, Graduate of the Royal College of Art, lives and works in London. The 1.3 CHAIR was created at the RCA under the framework of his graduation project and was shown for the first time in July 2011 in the exhibition of graduate qualifying

      Reinventing Emergency Lighting; Friendly with our ...



      Our main objectives when facing an emergency lighting project are to achieve the maximum integration into any architectural environment and provide the installation of functional and operational excellence. These new families have been developed

      Upgrading Nature: a Revolutionary Treatment for Wood in ...



      Wood in the Public Space – an Exciting Challenge: we identify a city based on its buildings, its landscape architecture, and its density – however, it is above all the city furniture that makes a cityscape unique and distinctive.

      IMPULS. Passionate and ambitious executive workplace in the ...



      The style of Impuls is primarily a contrast between black and white as well as gentleness and clarity. Neutral oak and chestnut colours of the worktop are balanced by the contrasting colours of the desk frame. Cabinets in the appropriate finish

      Neue Produkte, bewährte Qualität: Laufen präsentiert zwei ...



      Laufen entwickelte gemeinsam mit Designer Andreas Dimitriadis von Platinum Design die neue Bad-Kollektion 'Living Square' und überarbeitete den Waschtisch-Klassiker Palace, der um zusätzliche Waschtische, WCs, Bidets, Möbel, Armaturen und

      Baltensweiler legt limitierte Auflage der Leuchte TYPE 600 ...

      Susanne Fritz


      Online-Auktion der ersten 60 nummerierten und signierten Exemplare am 15. Oktober 2011

      Die Ilmari Tapiovaara Möbelkollektion bei Artek



      Mit dem Erwerb der Rechte an der Ilmari Tapiovaara Kollektion erweiterte der finnische Möbelhersteller Artek im Jahr 2010 sein Produktportfolie um einzigartige Objekte eines Meisters finnischen Designs. Ilmari Tapiovaara (1914–1999) war einer der

      giroflex 656 awarded "red dot award"



      At Orgatec 2010 Swiss office seating manufacturer Stoll Giroflex AG, Koblenz, launched its latest proprietary development, the giroflex 656 range of chairs. Five months later, the swivel chair from the series has been awarded the "red dot award" in