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Bios Self-Cleaning®, the outcome of a Master Agreement signed with TOTO, is a line of ceramic slabs developed for external façade cladding solutions. Thanks to the special treatment based on the HYDROTECT® technology, Bios self-Cleaning®, in the presence of solar light, activates a reaction that abates air pollutants, so the dirt deposited on the surface is decomposed and removed by the natural action of rainwater. Need only think that the cladding of a 150 square metre façade with Bios self-Cleaning® can purify air to an extent comparable to a football-field-size wood or eliminate the nitrogen oxides (NOX) emitted by 11 cars during a full day. Bios Self-Cleaning® is offered in a very wide range of proposals in terms of formats, finish and colours, with no limit to creativity. In fact, the HYDROTECT® technology is available on request for all the per series in the catalogue.

Bios Antibacterial® is a line of fully-vitrified porcelain stoneware ceramic slabs for cladding and flooring provided with excellent and certified antibacterial properties capable of abating 99.9% of the main bacterial strains that live in confined spaces. But that is not all: Bios Antibacterial® needs no sunlight to be activated and, in the presence of humidity - a traditionally fertile substrate for the development of the bacterial flora - even amplifies its beneficial effects. The line consists of two product ranges:

- Bios Antibacterial HYDROTECT®, designed for residential and light ommercial use, spas, wellness centres and swimming-pools. It is available on request for all the series of the Casalgrande padana catalogue.

- Bios Antibacterial GRANITOGRES®, designed for very heavy traffic usage, such as malls, airports, schools, industrial areas, etc. It is available on request, exclusively on Granitogres line series.