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In a nutshell, a large size and a metallic finish are the distinctive features of the Steeltech Series, the newcomer in the Granitoker Line by Casalgrande Padana. The result of cutting-edge production processes, driven by the company’s endless research into state-of-the-art technology, colours and decorations, the Steeltech Series combines the remarkable aesthetic properties of latest-generation stoneware with the superior aesthetic performance of any Casalgrande Padana’s product.

Coloured throughout in the same shades as the surface, these slabs stand out for a unique metallic effect in the finishing layer, where the shine, texture and colours make it look exactly like a metal sheet. A modern decorative effect, firmly targeted to contemporary living areas or contract projects, where the combination of the surface texture with a glossy finish offers a unique tactile and visual experience, so that such stoneware may be considered to be a cutting-edge, extremely versatile industrial product that is so flexible it can meet any architectural requirement.

Made of 10.5mm thick slabs, the Steeltech Series is available in grey, beige and copper, with a lapped or natural finish and in a 90x90 cm size. Extremely resistant to wear, slipping, bending, frost and stains, it can fulfil very strict performance requirements while also offering decorative solutions that perfectly fit in with any project, such as floors and facings, any architectural area, any public or private modern project, in perfect compliance with any environmental constraint.

The Steeltech Series is also available as: Bios Antibacterial, with absolute, certified antibacterial properties; Bios Self-Cleaning®, with excellent self-cleaning and pollutant-reducing properties

As for any other product by Casalgrande Padana, the Steeltech Series is eco-compatible. Actually the company has always worked hard to find innovative technological solutions to produce high-performance, low impact materials, as proven by its ISO 14001 and EMAS certificates.

Applications: indoor or outdoor floors and facings, raised floors, ventilated walls, façades.
Areas of application: residential, public, service, commercial buildings, new architectures and renovation projects.

All Granitoker tiles have been tested and certified according to national and international standards, their quality standards unfailingly exceeding such requirements.