La Barquière: the thousand facets of porcelain stoneware

The pure white three-dimensional porcelain stoneware cladding faceted by an arched design along the diagonal is the distinctive feature of La Barquière

The façades are clad with porcelain stoneware tiles that recreate a three-dimensional wave, which seems to emerge from the sea. These bright white tiles hint at the white houses of the Mediterranean and reflect the sunlight, making the cladding of the northern side of the building iridescent.

The choice of the porcelain stoneware cladding stemmed from the need to break the excessive orthogonality of the northern side of the building and to make it resonate with the changing Mediterranean light. That’s how Ondina came to life, a collection designed by Pietri Architects with the help of a 3D printer and manufactured by Casalgrande Padana. The strength and purity of white blend with the three-dimensional motif created by two inverted rectangular tiles, faceted by an arched design along the diagonal. These tiles are laid randomly with alternating joints, thereby creating a myriad of hues and effects, depending on the season and time of day or night.


Jean-Baptist Pietri