• Metalwood argento

    Metalwood argento

    Casalgrande Padana

  • Unicolore grigio cenere

    Unicolore grigio cenere

    Casalgrande Padana

  • Unicolore bianco assoluto

    Unicolore bianco assoluto

    Casalgrande Padana

The project defines a picturesque interior design intervention – sober and elegant at the same time – in which the luxury concept is interpreted from a modern perspective, albeit recalling art deco leitmotifs. Soft and dynamic curvy lines seem to etch the floor surface and duplicate on the curtain walls to define an exhibition space of sophisticated environmental quality, where ceramic plays an almost dominant figurative role. The complex composition is enhanced by carefully studied expressive grammar and fostered by the correct use of the water-jet cutting technique.

Sergey Nagrebel’nyy - OOO “ASK Gorod”

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