• Marmoker Birimbau

    Marmoker Birimbau

    Casalgrande Padana

The use of a vast array of marble effect porcelain stoneware tiles of the Marmoker collection in Arabesque, Birimbau, Statuario Oro and Zebrino, the Marte collection in Botticino and Verde Guatemala, and the Pietre di Paragone collection in Gré Grigio define the rigorous shapes of the spaces in the spa.

This project stems from the idea of creating a place where people can focus on their physical and mental wellbeing, a setting and an atmosphere that could provide shelter from hectic everyday life.


Camilla Lapucci - Studio Cipuelle

  • Marmoker Zebrino

    Marmoker Zebrino

    Casalgrande Padana

  • Marmoker Statuario Venato

    Marmoker Statuario Venato

    Casalgrande Padana

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