• Pietra Baugé beige

    Pietra Baugé beige

    Casalgrande Padana

Villa Malta: a project inspired by the view of the horizon over the sea

Porcelain stoneware was widely used for the exterior flooring of this project, where the spotlight is on the Pietra di Baugè collection in Beige. The tiles were dry-laid on gravel, glued to the screed and raised in the exteriors.

We’re in an isolated area, away from urban centres, on the magical and mythological island of Malta, where you can admire a beautiful horizon over the sea. The exterior flooring stands out for the extensive use of the stone effect porcelain stoneware tiles of the Pietra Baugè Beige collection. These tiles measure 60x60 cm, and 20 mm in thickness and are dry laid on gravel adjacent to the garden, glued to the screed on the “plateau” and laid on plastic feet in the ventilated covering of the terrace and roof.

A series of trims has allowed for elegant details, including tiles with half-round edges where the cuts on the flooring are made to harvest rainwater and convey it towards the rainwater tank, as well as trims for the steps, the edges of the “plateau” and the infinity pool made using pieces with a 45-degree cut and glued with a 90-degree overhang.


Luca Peralta - PERALTA - design & consulting