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Sustainable bamboo installations that aren’t built to last

James Wormald


These temporary pavilions, installations and public spaces use the speed, strength and structural capacity of bamboo to ensure they’re here for a good time, not a long time.

Five glass-wrapped homes living life on the (water’s) edge

James Wormald


These water-adjacent homes of varying size use different architectural techniques to flood their interiors with the calming sights and sounds of lake and sea.

Urban rewilding: the fight is on to retake green space

James Wormald


With the role of our cities changing, these green landscaping projects across Europe are bringing the natural world back home.

Energy solutions and appliances in the modern electric home

James Wormald


Homeowners targeting carbon neutrality by reducing their reliance on fossil fuels can simply turn off the gas. But is the alternative just an all-electric dream?

Desert island digs: retreats and resorts with water, water ...

James Wormald


Nature brings peace, even when stranded on a desert island. On these small slices of paradise, everyday stresses are just distant memories, but does the idyllic life come at an environmental price?

Dome life: is the arched architecture of domes ...

James Wormald


Does the geodesic, parametric world of dome design represent a new era for ultra-efficient construction? Or is it just inflated nonsense? These five dome projects might be sitting on the answer.

Hillside homes: how to dig in for the long term

James Wormald


The growing advantages of green roofs: bringing buildings to ...

James Wormald


Once seen as a complex and costly solution, living roofs are now growing in popularity, bringing many environmental benefits to projects big and small.

BURRI: competence that moves and connects

Brand story

Julia Hauch


From playgrounds in Zurich to the Olympic Games in London, public space specialist BURRI has been bringing projects of all sizes to life for over 120 years, also including the stop infrastructure for Switzerland's Limmattalbahn tram route…

The value of sustainable construction certification

James Wormald


Sustainable certifications allow brands to parade their green credentials like celebrity endorsements. More than just marketing tools, however, they help to distinguish fact from greenwashing fiction.

‘Buildings are more than a statement of permanence’: ...

Simon Keane-Cowell


In the latest in our series of Architonic interviews with leading sustainability experts globally, we pose a focused set of no-nonsense questions to Marloes Fischer, founder and managing director of Swiss-based Circular Hub. The call goes out to

'If light is a material, you should be able to touch ...

Simon Keane-Cowell


Axel Schmid's illuminating discussion at Light + Building defends our use of artificial light as a material: 'Light consumes energy, but you cannot live without it.' Watch the video for more…

Matteo Thun & Partners explain their approach to ...

Simon Keane-Cowell


'Applying international and globally recognised certifications is not enough if there is no "self-certification",' argues the award-winning office's top team.

Optimising consumption with Hager's new energy ...

Brand story

Mareile Morawietz


In an environment where energy is becoming ever more precious, Hager's product innovations make sure that none of it gets lost by optimising processes and thinking ahead.

Making energy flow with Hager

Brand story

Mareile Morawietz


At this year's Light + Building in Frankfurt from 2 to 6 October, Hager will present its energy solutions for built projects across all shapes, sizes and functions – helping industry professionals plan a more efficient future.

Editor's Letter — July 2022

Simon Keane-Cowell


Global Design Agenda's Sustainability Design Week speakers stress the need to design and build sustainable cities for survival.

'Architecture has always been a bit of a ...

Simon Keane-Cowell


Craig Robertson of AHMM explains the opposing factors of modern architecture: 'Different stakeholders have different ideas of what a good building is.' Watch the video to hear what else he has to say…

'We cannot not build – but instead build for adaptive ...

Katharina Schwarze


Oliver Schaper of Gensler, one of the largest architecture firms in the world and currently in partnership with UN-Habitat, discusses the circular construction model. Watch the video to learn more…

‘It’s important to see what a building is made of’: ...

Simon Keane-Cowell


Martin Voelkle of BIG discusses sustainable architecture: ‘If it’s made from sustainable material, then you should be able to see it.’ Watch the video to hear more…

Building bridges: five garden bridges that connect users to ...

James Wormald


Green space can be hard to find in modern overgrown cities. These bridges knit together natural areas hidden in urban centres, and connect urbanites with the natural landscapes outside them.

Making windows bird friendly with Saflex® FlySafe™ 3D

Brand story

Nick Compton


When it comes to unforgiving materials such as glass, safety features often aren't the most attractive design elements. Saflex®'s unobtrusive FlySafe™ 3D technology breaks this trend – and protects wildlife, too.

'Design was crucial to our storytelling': how a ...

Brand story

Simon Keane-Cowell


The design process revealed! Find out how a local architect and a creative hotelier, together with bathroom-fittings experts HEWI, fashioned a destination that's a shining example of how it's done.

Cutting through the noise with sound solutions by Impact ...

Brand story

Simon Keane-Cowell


Swiss sound-management experts Impact Acoustic are getting heard when it comes to architecturally integrated acoustic solutions. Watch the video to learn more…

Nine projects with sunken living zones

James Wormald


By surrounding users with the comforting permanence of the ground, these six projects from across the world create intimate sunken living spaces that hold us in a supportive embrace.

Seven projects that use 3D visualisation to give the full ...

James Wormald


With natural lighting, surfaces and adaptable physics, 3D visualisation uses realism, real-time rendering and VR technology to help clients see plans for real in a virtual world.

'A render of space without furniture is cold and ...

Simon Keane-Cowell


MAKE's Katy Ghahremani discusses selecting furniture early in the design process: 'It's important to show clients the materiality of spaces in the context of the FF&E.' Watch the video to learn more…

Five projects that top it all off with unique ceiling ...

James Wormald


These five projects encourage visitors to keep looking up. Using different materials and techniques, they turn the mundanity of flat, boring ceilings into special, individual surfaces to gaze up at.

Going underground: ten subterranean building projects

James Wormald


As space becomes more precious above land, it's a natural response to retreat below. Underground construction opens up new worlds, whether to protect us from the elements or to protect the elements from us.

Build a career with DAAily jobs

James Wormald


As part of the world’s biggest online network for creatives, DAAily jobs helps talented professionals find their dream job, and world-famous firms find fresh minds.

How to rezone the open plan

James Wormald


Pushing the family together has revealed the functional inadequacies of the open plan. How do we give everyone their own space, without putting up walls?

​​‘Everybody has a right to see the stars’: Daan ...

Simon Keane-Cowell


Daan Roosegaarde of Studio Roosegaarde discusses connecting with our environment by removing design: ‘I realised we have this amazing light performance in the sky – the stars – but we don’t see them anymore.’ Watch the video to learn

Six reasons to build a beautiful balcony

James Wormald


Balconies provide residents with great views while literally and figuratively looking down on the neighbours, but they also offer numerous other advantages.

The rise and fall of consumerist architecture: ten modern ...

James Wormald


As the online marketplace takes a stranglehold on bricks and mortar retail, these are the destination super retail structures tempting consumers back to market.

'Developing long-lasting projects – this is truly ...

Simon Keane-Cowell


Patrick Lüth of Snøhetta discusses creating sustainable and site-specific hospitality: 'We want to create a unique, specific atmosphere derived from the physical location.' Watch the video to learn more…

Nine micro-living examples of how to live with less space

James Wormald


If innovative architecture and design can expand our quality of life, even in smaller living spaces, what else can it do for us? Here are nine examples that show what’s possible.

A light in the dark: six reasons to fill outdoor spaces with ...

James Wormald


With our increasingly 24-hour lifestyles, exterior environments with the right type and level of light are a growing necessity in home, commercial and public spaces.

‘New architecture should be the extension of a certain ...

Simon Keane-Cowell


Thomas Spranger of Max Dudler discusses how a project’s architectural language is inspired by its environment: ‘From the very start, we think in terms of materials.’

‘I’d be delighted if people copy us’: Mark Fenwick on ...

Simon Keane-Cowell


Mark Fenwick of Fenwick Iribarren discusses the legacy of the firm’s moveable Stadium 974 in Doha for the World Cup 2022, ‘It’s this idea to basically get rid of white elephants.’ Watch the video to learn more…

Architonic's most-viewed projects of 2021: Hospitality ...

James Wormald


This eclectic list of Architonic's most-clicked new hotels, restaurants, bars, and public spaces of 2021 prove design-lovers interest in travel hasn't waned over the past year.

The all-clear: Orama Minimal Frames

Brand story

Emma Moore


In order to meet the ambitious design goals and exacting standards of its prestige project in Dubai, architectural firm KPF turned to ORAMA MINIMAL FRAMES, with its extraordinary, innovative aluminium-frame solutions.

Linea Light Group – Industrial & Urban Lighting

Linea Light Group


Linea Light Group presents an entire dedicated line, contained in a single brand: i-LèD Industrial

Whatever floats your boat: BoConcept x URBAN RIGGER®

Brand story

Dominic Lutyens


URBAN RIGGER®'s floating residential buildings were designed in cooperation with the Danish architectural firm Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) to alleviate the housing shortage in the city and provide accommodation for over 70 students.

Centre Stage for light

Light + Building


It is also often nice if details stay invisible. Fully in accordance with the Bauhaus maxim – now a hundred years old.

I've got the power: new energy plants

Peter Smisek


New power stations around the globe are wielding the rhetorical power of architecture. Confident, sculptural forms, signifying the confident, new world of cleaner technologies.

Answer the call: 5 new public toilets

Madeline Bouton


As sophisticated as we (think we) are as a species, there's no denying biology. That most necessary of public facilities, the toilet, is currently undergoing somewhat of a renaissance via unorthodox materials and environmentally responsible designs,

Joint ventures: NEXT architects

Madeline Bouton


Amsterdam- and Beijing-based office NEXT architects discuss their various bridge projects, including their WAF-nominated Lucky Knot structure in China, and how infrastructural interventions should connect communities – literally and metaphorically.

On your side: new bridge projects

Alyn Griffiths


Architects around the world are delivering bridges that exceed the limits of their utilitarian function – acting not only structures for crossing but also spaces to congregate and survey.

Never Built New York



It's called the 'City of Dreams' and yet, some of New York City's most radical, technologically advanced buildings were never realised. Their combined histories expose challenges the famous metropolis must confront as well as fundamental problems

Natural Highs: Arup's architecture in wood

Simon Keane-Cowell


At the vanguard of research and building in intelligent cross-laminated timber, global multidisciplinary firm Arup knows wood.

Nothing to fear for an engineer

Klaus Leuschel


Those looking for great and inspiring engineering solutions need to have an almost naive belief that anything is possible.

Sefar: Refined lightness

DETAIL - Zeitschrift für Architektur + Baudetail


Sefar’s premium-quality fabrics, whether used as weather or sun protection, or to improve the lighting situation or room acoustics, optimally combine aesthetic and functional aspects.

Get over yourself

Alyn Griffiths


Recent landmark bridge architecture shows how this most utilitarian of construction types, when imaginatively planned, can add real regenerative value to its environs. Build a bridge and get over it, people!

Stretching the Limits

Brand story

Simon Keane-Cowell


MDT-tex, the go-to textile-architecture manufacturer and consultancy, is invited time and time again to partner with some of the world's leading architects. It's no wonder given the company's innovative outdoor structures and intelligent membranes.

Getting High (on Wood)

Giovanna Dunmall


Could wood be the new concrete? If a number of recently completed, high-rise timber projects internationally are anything to go by, the only way might indeed be up for this most enduring and trusty of building materials.