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cero III
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One front opens to the courtyard with a pool, the other site in the direction of Lake Constance - the detached house on one of the most desirable lakeside estates offers breathtaking views with stunning glass surfaces. When choosing the fronts, the architect and the builders opted for a sash sliding door that enables particularly large glass surfaces with slim profile views of 34 millimeters: cero by Solarlux. The installed elements give a total area of 140 square meters. On the west side they do not connect at right angles with the walls, but rejuvenate towards the ceiling. On the ground floor alone, the window surface of 9.20 meters width provides wide panoramic views. At the same time there is also a generous opening here. The three windows upstairs also provide a wide view. On the lake side, cero visually opens a total width of 10.60 meters.
Even the wind gusts from the lake don’t affect the cero due to high tightness. Equipped with a triple glazing, the sliding door even complies with the passive house. The electrical locking ensures that the cero can be operated from the inside as well as from the outside and can be securely closed.

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The systems’ concealed sub-frames can be incorporated seamlessly into the floor, wall and ceiling. Thanks to intelligent engineering, glass elements up to 15 m² in area and 1,000 kg in weight can be moved effortlessly and silently. The cero III system comes with great thermal insulation, triple glazing and a panel depth of 72 mm, but it is the extremely high level of energy efficiency that makes it truly impressive: cero III can achieve Uw values of up to 0.80 W/m²K, thus fulfilling passive house standards.

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With its moveable glass facades, German family-owned company SOLARLUX is blurring the lines between outside and in – seamlessly merging the outdoors with indoor living spaces.