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Bi-folding Door Highline | Highline
Bi-folding Door Highline
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Thanks to its perfect functionality, the creative freedom offered by its high-quality materials, and the limitless possibilities for combining it with other elements, the bi-folding door is the ideal solution for a wide range of projects. As an extension of the living space or guest area in restaurants, it creates a seamless connection between the indoors and out. For example, the Highline bi-folding door in the “L’Osteria” not only allows the terrace to be expanded, but the restaurant too, by fully opening it to the outside. Despite the incremental extension, the transitions of the 200 m² bungalow restaurant are smooth and uniform – this is made possible by the floor tracks of the bi-folding doors, which are recessed into the floor to enable obstacle-free navigation. In addition, the bi-folding doors flood every nook and cranny of the guest area with natural light.

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Now with even more flexibility: thanks to its sophisticated technology, the Bi-Fold Door is the ideal solution for nearly all building projects. The perfect product for private living space as a classic exterior element, as a bespoke solution for wintergardens, as a multi-functional entrance for lobbies and as noise and weather protection on balconies or for façades. The Bi-Fold Door meets every requirement.
Its core piece is the new bionicTURTLE – the multifunction insulating thermal break scores with outstanding structural and U values despite its minimal sight line of only 99mm. 35 years of expertise represent endless combination options, the slimmest sight line and perfect functionality. For the aluminium version, Solarlux also offers matching window and door systems to give the facade a uniform design. These can be, for example, fixed elements, classic turn-tilt or tilt elements, model windows, skylights or even doors.

Overall depth 84 mm
Panel up to 3,5 m high & 1,1 m wide
Weight of up to 110 kg
Glass thickness from 22 – 62 mm