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Bi-folding Door Highline | Highline
Bi-folding Door Highline
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In Amsterdam's largely luxurious and international business and financial district of Zuidas, Dok architecten have realised an outstanding residential complex with 47 apartments. Her concept is expressed particularly effectively in the design of the southern facade, which faces a canal; the individual rows taper upwards. In this way, the architect created recesses that allow for balconies and terraces. Here, The George literally opens up completely: in all 47 luxury apartments, the extensive glazing can be opened across the entire width of the terraces and balconies.
The folding glass wall Highline fulfils the desire for more space, brightness and transparency. The movable, largest possible building openings allow the interior and exterior areas to merge. Even when closed, the system enables maximum transparency thanks to a 99 mm sight line in the panel joint. The tested and certified system meets the special technical requirements in view of the exposed location of the eleven-story building: best values prove to be the high air tightness, driving rain tightness and resistance to wind loads.

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Now with even more flexibility: thanks to its sophisticated technology, the Bi-Fold Door is the ideal solution for nearly all building projects. The perfect product for private living space as a classic exterior element, as a bespoke solution for wintergardens, as a multi-functional entrance for lobbies and as noise and weather protection on balconies or for façades. The Bi-Fold Door meets every requirement.
Its core piece is the new bionicTURTLE – the multifunction insulating thermal break scores with outstanding structural and U values despite its minimal sight line of only 99mm. 35 years of expertise represent endless combination options, the slimmest sight line and perfect functionality. For the aluminium version, Solarlux also offers matching window and door systems to give the facade a uniform design. These can be, for example, fixed elements, classic turn-tilt or tilt elements, model windows, skylights or even doors.

Overall depth 84 mm
Panel up to 3,5 m high & 1,1 m wide
Weight of up to 110 kg
Glass thickness from 22 – 62 mm