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Click Zip 9-11-13-15-Ghost
Zip closures
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Curtain systems-Roller blinds >
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Product description

Vertical drop awning contained in a square-shaped cassette box. It is available with 4 sizes of cassette box or without one entirely. Its ZIP system guides have the patented Mag Lock system built into them. This product is designed specifically for screening and shading windows and glass surfaces. The Naked model - without the cassette box - is the perfect solution if the building into which you wish to install the awning has a suitable recess above.

The distinctive feature of the Click Zip Ghost model is the front profile, able to enter completely inside the box and therefore be invisible when the awning is rolled up. The awning, if equipped with recessed guides, can be completely integrated into the window block.

It is easy to access the cassette box for inspection. It is equipped with a moving closure system. The die-cast aluminium end elements are coated in the same colour as the frame. The awning can be mounted into the reveal by its end elements or it can be self-supported by its guides.

The guides are equipped with the ZIP system, which is made of co-extruded PVC, as well as the magnetic lock. They can be fixed at the sides (for mounting the product into a recess) or at the front (for mounting it onto a wall). The system can be fitted with blackout or shading fabrics, Cristal or with an insect screen. All extruded aluminium and diecast aluminium profiles are powder-coated. The bolts are made of stainless steel and the accessories of nylon.

Manually operated by using a gearbox with end limits and removable hand windle, or motorised with normal, RTS or IO Home-control motor.

Click Zip stands out for the technological innovation of the magnetic lock. Mag Lock is a patented system designed to improve the vertical tension of the fabric. A magnet (100N force) is incorporated in the awning front panel and when the awning is opened, it hooks onto a twin magnet in the awning foot. With the attract-repel play, it offers 25% more resistance that in normal situations.

Product family


Vertical awnings in squared box, ideal to close pergolas, porches or terraces.