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More spaciousness, more room for manoeuvring, more creativity. The trend for open space in architecture brings new levels of freedom, but they are not always a plus: Open rooms and smooth surfaces such as glass or concrete increase sound volumes and lead to more noise exposure. Acoustic Divider Vario with NoiseSilencer easily creates areas of calm with a noise reduction of up to 16dB – simply, effectively and stylishly.

Structuring zones, reducing noise exposure and improving acoustic privacy: In rooms with high noise levels, Création Baumann’s Acoustic Divider Vario with NoiseSilencer creates attractive islands of calm. This innovative all-in-one system is the textile solution to design the optimum sound ratio — without any construction work.

Up to now, acoustically dividing spaces used to involve extensive and expensive construction work. Création Baumann, an innovation leader in developing functional textiles, has created a textile and therefore a significantly more cost-efficient solution for effectively, flexibly and attractively subdividing a roomís soundscape: Acoustic Divider Vario with NoiseSilencer.

Acoustic Divider Vario features an acoustic fabric on its front and back. In between we place one or two layers of NoiseSilencer made from flame-retardant Molton coated with a special film. This composition effectively insulates sound. Acoustic Divider Vario is available in a wide range of variants. Création Baumann recommends five select textiles optimally suited for sound insulation, offering an unlimited variety of design options with more than 150 colours, various textures and diverse finishes: ARNO, SECRET, SPORT, PHANTOM PLUS and ALEX. With larger order volumes, the fabrics recommended for are also available in custom colours.

The five acoustic fabrics recommended by Création Baumann for Acoustic Divider Vario have been tested according to ISO 15186-1 (intensity sound reduction index), ISO 354 / ISO 11654 (sound absorption) and DIN EN 29053/ISO 9053 (flow resistance). The results from the specialist laboratory speak for themselves.

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CRÉATION BAUMANN is a key contributor to flexible architecture: Textiles can help zone rooms into smaller units and to dim them.