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Product description

Textile, colourful and acoustically effective room partitioning sytem, light and thin (30 mm)
575 x 1800 x 30 mm

- silver
- grey dawn
- far mountain
- nightfall
- vineyard
- soft moss
- coral
- poppy
- yellow field

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This new fabric version of the Rossoacoustic TP30 system was inspired by the transparent, microperforated Rossoacoustic CP30, which has enjoyed success for a number of years now. In contrast to the usual fabric partition systems to be found on the market, the new fabric-based Rossoacoustic TP30 Space Divider enthrals with its lightness and materiality. Rossoacoustic TP30 KNIT comes in 17 different colours and offers you a choice between
the two basic patterns „MESH“ and „PLAIN“.

The secret lies under the Rossoacoustic TP30 KNIT fabric covering: In combination with the familiar Rossoacoustic CP30 honeycomb structure, a new type of Rossoacoustic lightweight fleece forms a very light and strong honeycomb core. Besides ensuring acoustic effectiveness, this configuration is also responsible for the partition‘s great strength and unmatched light weight. When deployed correctly, the Rossoacoustic TP30 can have a positive influence on room acoustics. The sound absorbing and sound shielding qualities of the Rossoacoustic TP30 cover two different functions in terms of room acoustics: On the one hand, being an absorber, the Rossoacoustic TP30 performs a noise attenuation function by shortening the reverberation time. On the other hand, the Rossoacoustic TP30 acts as a sound shield – i.e. it reduces the distribution of direct sound.

Rossoacoustic TP30 KNIT panel with internal honeycomb structure, 30 mm thick. Fabric coverings are manufactured by means of a CAD-controlled knitting process.

575 x 1600 x 30 mm
575 x 1800 x 30 mm
575 x 2000 x 30 mm
900 x 1600 x 30 mm
900 x 1800 x 30 mm
900 x 2000 x 30 mm
900 x 2200 x 30 mm
1150 x 1600 x 30 mm
1150 x 2200 x 30 mm

Plain green
Plain grass
Plain forest
Plain cyan
Plain sky
Plain ocean
Plain midnight
Plain silver
Plain black
Plain yellow
Plain sun
Plain coral
Plain poppy
Plain bordeaux
Plain sand
Plain earth

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