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Silent Gliss Cord Operated Curtain Track System
Cord Operated Curtain Track Systems
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Cord operated tracks are suited to heavy or inaccessible curtains and avoids the need to touch the curtain fabric. Our tracks can be bent for bay windows and other curved applications. Systems are available for all fabric weights, including heavier, lined curtains.


With cord operation all curtains - even heavy, awkward or difficult to reach - can be comfortably and easily handled. Cord operation prevents soiling of curtains by frequent handling. Suitable for domestic and contract applications, our robust systems are maintenance free. The simple combination of high grade plastic with precision engineered aluminium results in the most efficient curtain tracks available. Made to measure. Meant to be bent by design - for bay windows and other curved applications, Silent Gliss corded tracks are unbeatable - they really work!

Silent Gliss cord operated tracks are purpose designed for maximum efficiency, especially when bent, and ensure smooth operation for a lifetime.
The design is paramount: cords run in separate enclosed channels so that they cannot fall out or snag - especially important on bends. Normal or roller gliders can be selected depending on the job to be done.

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