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Antique Wood Black
Antique Wood
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15x120 cm
20x120 cm
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A tale of time passed

Detailing, marking, memory and contemporaneity. The king of all natural materials merges with the unique characteristics of ceramics to produce a winning combination of stunning aesthetics and impeccable performance. Antiquewood is rewriting the ancient pages of history.

The ancient becoming modern, nature merging with the latest technology, the unique draw of wood and the stories laying just beneath its surface. Antiquewood is a collection of porcelain stoneware from the Granitoker collection, where the signs of the passing of time adorn the ceramic surface, creating a “used” effect. At its heart, the collection is about returning to the ancient materials, reinvigorating our finest traditions and showcasing the power of the unpolished, imperfect nature of the urban style.

Antiquewood has a strong identity, bouncing off its surrounding environment with sophisticated colour and texture combinations, creating a vintage feel. The collection is capable of conveying a profound message, in the way that only natural materials and the expert work of man can. Its range of formats and products allow designers to pack flooring and cladding with toning and contrast, natural veining and markings enclosed within the material. The surface is further enhanced by an ongoing dialogue with the light, with the reflections drawing attention to scratches, marks, expression lines.

Though Antiquewood’s origins lay in the aesthetic beauty of nature, it is man who lifts the collection to new heights, through geometric designs, contemporary decorations, unusual formats or throwbacks to times passed and a colour range packed with bold tones. Together, this helps to create inviting spaces brimming with character and personality, the perfect solution for those who want to keep the elegance and warmth of parquet flooring without compromising on resistance and longevity. The varied combination of markings and veining makes for dynamic surfaces which work in both classic spaces and contemporary designs.

Antiquewood is available in White, Moka and Black and in the formats 15x120, 20x120 and 60x120 cm. It can also be supplied as boards or chevrons in order to broaden the scope for customisation with the perfect mix of forms, designs and colours.

Like everything produced by Casalgrande Padana, the Antiquewood collection has been created with the environment in mind. The company, which holds ISO 14001 and EMAS certification, has always been committed to developing innovative technology in order to produce high-performance materials with a low environmental impact.