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ECLISSE Shodō Double
ECLISSE Shodō Collection
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Product description

Sliding pocket door system for double door with flush jambs.
The grace of a line, the volume of a continuous mark.

ECLISSE Shodō Double is the counterframe for sliding pocket door system that combines traditional and contemporary. Jambs are there but they stay flush to the wall, drawing flat volumes: a single finishing element that runs all along the door perimeter without protruding.

Also available in the single door version ECLISSE Shodō and in the hinged version ECLISSE Shodō Battente.

For optimal integration with the wall the counterframe is available in the open structure version for plasterboard walls and in the closed pocket version for masonry walls.

Product family


ECLISSE Shodō Collection
Sliding pocket door systems and flush hinged door fames with flush jambs and architraves.
Volume-less marks that draw volumes, outline rooms, embrace spaces. The perfect balance between tradition and modernity.

Cutting edge technology for the most advanced sliding pocket door systems and flush hinged door frames with flush jambs.