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ECLISSE Syntesis® Line
ECLISSE Syntesis® Collection
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Product description

Frameless sliding pocket door system.
Maximum functionality with minimal design.

The absence of jambs and architraves facilitates the integration of the sliding surface, merging technology and design in the name of modernity.

The counterframe includes elements and construction details that can be painted in the same color as the wall or decorated in the same way, making the door completely invisible for a perfect camouflage of the structure.
Among these details, the innovative resin pre-coated profiles aids the application of the final finishing layer on the perimeter of the door passage: the precise adhesion of the finishing material garantees an absolute uniformity of paint, perfectly hiding the counterframe from view.

For wooden doors and glass doors (with the ECLISSE Vitro kit).

Also available in the double door version ECLISSE Syntesis® Line Double.

For optimal integration with the wall the counterframe is available in the open structure version for plasterboard walls and in the closed pocket version for masonry walls.

Product family


ECLISSE Syntesis® Collection
Sliding pocket door systems and flush hinged door fames with no external finishes.
A complete design vision, sum of different high technologies
dialoguing with each other and perfectly integrated into the wall.

Cutting edge technology for the most advanced sliding pocket door systems and flush hinged door frames.

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