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ECLISSE 40 Collection
Francesco Valentini >, Lorenzo Ponzelli >
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Doors-Internal doors >
Doors-Door frames >

Product description

Door frame for hinged door, flush on one side and splayed on the other.
The frame seen from a new perspective.

40 degrees of incline on one side, 0 mm of thickness on the other side.
An innovation that rethink the frame as an element for design and no more just a technical and structural component.

On one side, the inclined profiles of the aluminium frame outline a splayed door, almost tridimensional. A sense of depth with respect to the wall, defined by a 40 degrees tilted surface. The structure empties the wall and enhances the room. Like a picture frame, it encloses the door as a decorative element.
On the other side, the very same frame ensures the perfect planarity of a door flush with the wall that can be finished with paint or wallpaper, just as the surrounding wall. Elegance and discretion.

An invisible and purely structural element until now, for the first time the frame becomes beauty and design, giving the door a significant presence and a unique expressive force.

Available as single door and double door versions.


ECLISSE 40 Collection
Door frames for hinged door, flush on one side and splayed on the other.
Tilted profiles that outline volumes, empty the surface, play with light and create a unique stage presence.
An invisible and purely structural element until now, the frame becomes protagonist of design.

Cutting edge technology for the most advanced flush and splayed hinged door frames.

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