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    Phototour INDEX Exhibition 2011, 22-25 October

    Susanne Fritz


    Photographic journey through 2011 edition of INDEX Exhibition

    Ventura - the avant-garde brand of Swiss watches

    Susanne Fritz


    Ventura, the avant-garde brand of Swiss watches, is back. The first "manufacture électronique" for high quality digital watches has recently presented, in the shape of the SPARC MGS, a timepiece which once more sets a new benchmark in chronometer

    Living in an Open Floor Plan

    Susanne Fritz


    At a former industrial site in the West of Zurich, young people show the potential of an open floor plan, how to build sustainably using recycled materials, how to be resource conscious, and demonstrate that food from Aldi – a discounter – can

    The Making of Architonic Concept Space IV

    Susanne Fritz


    The Milan fair provides the ideal setting for the premiere of Architonic Concept Space IV. And this will be a global first because never before has the FluidSolids® material, developed over many years and patented by the prestigious Swiss designer

    Urushi - Japanese Lacquer in modern Design

    Susanne Fritz


    An important component of the Japanese art of lacquerwork is the special technique known as "urushi", which uses many layers of wafer-thin, semi-transparent lacquer to create a surface of almost mystical radiance and sensual depth.

    Celebrating a Scandinavian icon: 100 years Finn Juhl

    Susanne Fritz


    On 30 January 2012, the internationally recognised Danish furniture designer and architect Finn Juhl who died in 1989 would have turned 100.Events all over the world – from Tokyo via Cologne to Milan as well as in his native Copenhagen –

    "App-lause" and curtain up: the new Architonic app ...

    Susanne Fritz


    As a pioneering thinker Steve Jobs dotted the i's (and crossed the t's) of modern communication by combining the internet with the telephone, creating a user-friendly interface and packing everything into an outstandingly designed product. However,

    Plastic - the mouldable material of modern chairs

    Susanne Fritz


    In the visual arts the term 'plastic' is used for any form of creation involving a medium that can be sculpted or moulded, but it is also the term for a type of material that revolutionised the twentieth century. Using a number of plastic chairs as

    The legendary Mercedes Silver Arrow Cars on the red carpet

    Susanne Fritz


    Rarely or never before seen Mercedes-Benz Silver Arrow cars have been captured in unique images for the presentation of the new collection of object carpet.

    Cooking with taste: well designed household appliances

    Susanne Fritz


    During the age of the economic miracle electrical household appliances became an integral part of every home as kitchen aids to the modern housewife. There were only a handful of manufacturers and the head designers and engineers of the market

    Architecture between heaven and earth: extraordinary Control ...

    Susanne Fritz


    Even if it has become an everyday experience to take a flight in an aeroplane people continue to be fascinated by the act of overcoming gravity. The attraction of aircraft, airports and their infrastructure is accordingly great.

    Fair Review: CERSAIE 2011 Bologna – the leading ...

    Susanne Fritz


    Cersaie 2011, which took place in Bologna at the end of September, once more put on a fascinating show thanks to the intrinsic diversity of ceramics as a material, combined with new developments in bathroom design and innovative bathroom fittings.

    Knowledge Bases - Library architecture from antiquity to the ...

    Susanne Fritz


    The development of writing in ancient Egypt also gave rise to the first libraries as places of storage for these witnesses to a new, revolutionary cultural technology. Using the following examples as a basis Architonic here highlights the range and

    Baltensweiler legt limitierte Auflage der Leuchte TYPE 600 ...

    Susanne Fritz


    Online-Auktion der ersten 60 nummerierten und signierten Exemplare am 15. Oktober 2011

    Exhibition: GRAFT Architects – Distinct Ambiguity

    Susanne Fritz


    To graft is a way of rethinking the seemingly irreconcilable. On this basis, Gregor Hoheisel, Christoph Körner, Lars Krückeberg, Wolfram Putz and Thomas Willemeit have developed complex fusion methods and reinvigorated the contemporary discourse

    Exhibition: «Hannes Wettstein, 1958–2008»

    Susanne Fritz


    Hannes Wettstein is considered one of the most significant and innovative designers of our times. His most important works will now be displayed in an exhibition - put together by Studio Hannes Wettstein, presented by Institut gta.

    Fair Preview: CERSAIE 2011 Bologna – the leading ...

    Susanne Fritz


    Cersaie offers not just a comprehensive overview of the variety of ceramic surfaces available on the market but also of the latest developments in the bathroom field. In Bologna at the end of September visitors will be able to discover the latest

    The Very Fabric of Architecture: textile use in construction

    Susanne Fritz


    Most people have at one time or another spent the night in a tent and have benefited from the protection provided by its fabric, while at the same time enjoying the sensation of being separated from nature by nothing more than a thin shell. Textile

    48th IFLA World Landscape Architecture Congress 2011

    Susanne Fritz


    Professor Kongjian Yu, founder of Turenscape Landscape Architects, is one of the world's leading landscape designers. He gave a revolutionary lecture at the IFLA congress in Zurich, entitled 'Reinventing the good earth'.

    Designer Portrait: Rich, Brilliant, Willing

    Susanne Fritz


    Rich Brilliant Willing – even if the name of the design studio run by Theo Richardson, Charles Brill and Alexander Williams has a slightly ironic touch, it is an accurate characterisation of the trio – they are rich in ideas, their designs are

    Designer Portrait: Studio IVANKA Concrete Works

    Susanne Fritz


    Concrete has in recent times become a highly popular material for product and furniture design. One of the founders of this trend is Studio IVANKA, which was established in Budapest by Katalin and Andras Ivanka in 2003.

    Design Miami/ Basel 2011

    Susanne Fritz


    For the first time since it was founded in 2005, Design Miami/ Basel was this year under the new direction of Marianne Goebl, who curated the trade fair with an expert eye. In February 2011 she followed in the footsteps of Ambra Medda who, after

    New New New: New York Design News

    Susanne Fritz


    As every spring, Architonic travelled to New York on your behalf in order to investigate the latest trends on the North American market for you. Here we report on what we discovered in the city's showrooms and at the ICFF.

    Designer Portrait: RENDS Design by Masanao Furukawa

    Susanne Fritz


    Following his training at the DOMUS Academy in Italy and at Central St Martins College of Art & Design in the UK, Masanao Furukawa returned to Tokyo and set up RENDS Design Studio.At this year's Salone Satellite, RENDS presented for the second

    Designer Portrait: Miljana Nikolic, Dimitrios Stamatakis and ...

    Susanne Fritz


    Miljana Nikolic and Dimitrios Stamatakis are two of the 14 winners of the 'Young Balkan Designers' competition initiated by the Mikser organisation who exhibited their work under the same name at Salone Satellite 2011.

    A look back at ISH Frankfurt 2011 – Living in a spa

    Susanne Fritz


    The bathroom is an environment which doesn't only adapt constantly to the changes dictated by design and fashion, but has also been revolutionised in a technical sense.At ISH 2011 in Frankfurt Architonic went on the track of the latest developments

    Trade Fair Review: Euroshop Duesseldorf, The Global Retail ...

    Susanne Fritz


    More and more prestigious manufacturers of up-market design products participated in this year's EuroShop, a clear indication of the significant international role of this Düsseldorf trade fair. As a result this successful trade fair is a model of

    Ausstellung „Wir sind alle Astronauten“ - Universum ...

    Susanne Fritz


    In Kürze eröffnet eine Ausstellung über Buckminster Fuller im Marta Herford Museum. Gestaltet wurde sie von Sir Norman Foster, der mit Richard Buckminster Fuller zwischen 1968 bis 1983 an verschiedenen Projekten zusammenarbeitete.

    Trade fair retrospective: BAU Munich 2011 - Section 3

    Susanne Fritz


    In January one of the world's major trade fairs for architecture, materials and systems took place in the halls of the new Munich trade fair site. We now round off our collection of reports with this third part of our look back at the exhibition, in

    Trade fair retrospective: BAU Munich 2011 - Section 2

    Susanne Fritz


    The impression we got during our visit to BAU 2011, which took place in Munich from 17 to 22 January, has been confirmed by the published visitor numbers. The fair was a resounding success and is therefore fully justified in describing itself as "The

    Trade fair retrospective: BAU Munich 2011 - Section 1

    Susanne Fritz


    At Bau 2011 the principal focus was very much on sustainability. For a long time now a large number of manufacturers have been responding to this trend and to the new ecological benchmarks, and at the fair environmentally certified products were

    Messe Preview: BAU 2011 vom 17. bis 22. Januar in München

    Susanne Fritz


    Am 17. Januar 2011 öffnet die BAU ihre Pforten. .Die BAU hat sich als eine international massgebende Messe für den gesamten Bausektor etabliert und vereint die Themenbereiche Planen, Bauen, Gestalten unter einem Dach. .Architonic hat für Sie

    Furniture with growth potential: extendable tables

    Susanne Fritz


    Accommodating one or two people only or a group, extendable tables can be adapted to a romantic tète-a-tète, a family with children or even a large festive gathering. Here we present the various types and systems which are available.

    Concrete in Architecture (3): Furniture & Objects

    Susanne Fritz


    In what for the moment will be the last part of our "Concrete in Architecture" series the focus will be on the use of concrete in interior architecture, in particular for creating objects and furniture. .The attraction of concrete as a material is

    Erst Moskau, dann die Welt: Corporate Architecture der neuen ...

    Susanne Fritz


    Google sucht zur Abwechslung einmal selbst: Nach mehr Usern, denn im Gegensatz zu Googles Vorherrschaft in anderen Ländern ist der Marktanteil in Russland bei ca. 20 % stagniert. .Die russische Suchmaschine Yandex hingegen hat einen Marktanteil von

    Deltalight @ Interieur 2010 Design Biennale, Kortrijk

    Susanne Fritz


    Deltalight – one of the leading manufacturers of architectural lighting for both interior and exterior use – showed once again at this year's Interieur 2010 in Kortrijk. Architonic was media partner for Deltalight's Architects' Party, both an

    A look back at the Marmomacc natural stone fair in Verona

    Susanne Fritz


    Marmomacc, the premier international exhibition of natural stone products and processing took place in Verona early in October. With 1500 companies exhibiting their wares it covered the widest possible spectrum of the natural stone industry, ranging

    Review: Best products of Cersaie 2010

    Susanne Fritz


    Cersaie - one of the world's largest trade fairs for ceramics and bathroom furnishings – takes place annually in Bologna in northern Italy.As we announced in advance of Cersaie 2010 Architonic now presents the best new products which we have

    Concrete in Architecture (2): not really grey

    Susanne Fritz


    In the second part of our 'Concrete in Architecture' series, Architonic shows how concrete certainly doesn't have to be grey. From delicate tones to high luminosity, it can take on a wide range of chromatic and emotional complexions. In the following

    Concrete in Architecture (1): a material both stigmatised ...

    Susanne Fritz


    Almost no other material manages to carry such contradictory associations. Stigmatised on the one hand, celebrated on the other, it evokes highly diverse reactions. The word 'concrete' was used for the first time in 1750 by Bernard Forêst de

    Picnic, plants, architecture - the fascinating world of ...

    Susanne Fritz


    One of today's most outstanding architects has been selected as the guest of honour at this year's "Interieur" trade fair in Kortrijk (Belgium). Junya Ishigami, a pupil of Kazuyo Sejima, is the founder of junya.ishigami+associates, lecturer at the

    Cersaie 2010

    Susanne Fritz


    From 28 September to 2 October 2010 one of the major international trade fairs for ceramic tiles and bathrooms will be taking place in Bologna. However, Cersaie is much more than a simple trade fair. It has now become an important forum for planners

    California Calls You!: Californian Design

    Susanne Fritz


    California, and in particular Los Angeles, has been home to numerous Hollywood stars and other glamorous figures of the burgeoning jet-set since the 1930s. The City of Angels was the ideal place for many architects to develop their ideas. The

    Exhibition: Richard Neutra in Europe (1960–1970)

    Susanne Fritz


    Between 1960 and 1970, so in just ten years, the American architect Richard Neutra (*1892 in Vienna, †1970 in Wuppertal) had eight villas constructed in Europe; four in Switzerland (one of which was the only one to be built without a flat roof),

    Camouflage Architecture: underground buildings

    Susanne Fritz


    If you're familiar with the Wombles, then you probably encountered underground architecture at any early age. .It's unlikely that the following projects were inspired by the Wombles, but that doesn't mean they're any less successful in terms of

    Slovenian Design

    Susanne Fritz


    The "ISKRA: NON-ALIGNED DESIGN 1946–1990" exhibition held at the Architecture Museum Ljubljana (AML) came to an end in February. The exhibition provided an insight into the golden age of Slovenian product design, which lasted from the 1960s to the

    Tropical Modernism: The masters of Brazilian Modernism

    Susanne Fritz


    As part of this year's 'Fuori Salone' in Milan, the 'relics' of the Brazilian Modernism were displayed in a church near the city's Porta Romana: rare pieces by the so-called 'Tropical Modernists' of the 1950s, 60s and 70s.

    Yachting – Design

    Susanne Fritz


    Modern design, beyond teak and brass fittings, has, however, been around for a long time in the world of yachting. Innovative boat-builders and designers work with new propulsion technology, materials and formal languages.Yachts are perfect for this

    Herbal Architecture

    Susanne Fritz


    The Hanging Gardens of Babylon went down in history as one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Vertical gardens were then, as they still are today, signs of innovative architecture.

    The windows of the world: new full-height glazing systems

    Susanne Fritz


    The panorama window allows you to the bring the beauty of nature into your home, while keeping extremes of weather firmly outside. The systems presented here by Architonic turn the architectural visions of the Modern Movement into a reality.

    MADE Milan - Materials Report Part 3/3

    Susanne Fritz


    Day three of research at the MADE fair took the Architonic Team even deeper into the Milan exhibition halls, temporary home of a seemingly inexhaustible amount of exciting materials and products.

    MADE Milan - Materials Report Part 2/3

    Susanne Fritz


    Here are our discoveries from the second day of the MADE expo in Milan, the fair that makes every materials fetishist's heart beat faster.including ours.

    MADE Milan - Materials Report Part 1/3

    Susanne Fritz


    MADE 2010, short for Milano Design Architettura Edilizia, took place at the city's trade-fair grounds, wowing visitors with an exciting exhibition of building and other materials. Because of the wealth of materials on show, which we gathered over

    Swissbau 2010, Basel: Architonic selects the best materials ...

    Susanne Fritz


    Architonic recently visited the Swissbau 2010 expo in Basel, whose focus this year was on sustainability. From the mass of exhbitors, we've selected our favourites for you, scrutinising their innovative, technological and architectural qualities.

    Chance as a Design Strategy

    Susanne Fritz


    Many great achievements have been born out of chance – for example, the invention of penicillin. In the 1950s and 60s, chance as a methodology was still a revolutionary way of working for artists and designers, producing controversial results.

    High Alpine buildings – modern day witch houses

    Susanne Fritz


    Life threatening conditions, abode of trolls and witches:.The Alpine inhabitants of the Middle Ages avoided the mighty peaks and icy heights of the high Alpine regions. Nowadays they are accessible for tourism.

    Transit Shopping

    Susanne Fritz


    The retail industry is going through a difficult time and has been complaining about stagnation in its customer base. The big shopping malls are competing with each other to attract shoppers.

    Media Façade

    Susanne Fritz


    Architecture tends to use media facades more and more as a stylistic feature. What used to be applied to facades after construction more in the way of a blemish is now part of the planning process.


    Susanne Fritz


    The big car manufacturers have recently discovered an effective marketing instrument in a new kind of corporate architecture: large museums and car collection centres built right next to the production plant, where the customer can experienced an

    The new materiality of shadows

    Susanne Fritz


    For hundreds of years artists and architects have been fascinated by cast shadows and perspective – the two shaping factors of spatial representation. Today the direct control of production machinery by means of digital design tools imparts an


    Susanne Fritz


    The history of the shopping mall as we know it today began in the Nineteen Fifties. In Los Angeles Victor Gruen, an architect who had emigrated to the US from Austria, felt the lack of the traditional European city centre with its pedestrian

    Pattern Concrete

    Susanne Fritz


    The architects Blocher Blocher Partners, who specialise in corporate architecture, have developed this by converting the texture of the moss to an abstract motif and then vectorising it.

    Two Concepts, One Project

    Susanne Fritz


    This year's European Championships, which are taking place at four venues each in Switzerland and Austria, have also been the occasion for the development or redevelopment of a number of stadiums.