From ember to flame, fire takes centre stage. This model takes its name from the word ‘renewal’ in Japanese. It can be installed directly on the floor, mounted on a base of black steel or masonry, or placed at the edge of a split level. The sliding glass panels allow the fire to be viewed in complete security, bringing it within reach of the spaces where we live. The style evokes the clean lines and open quality of Japanese interiors.

suspended hood: diameter 865 mm, 31 kg; hearth : 70 kg; standard plate weight: 19 kg; flue weight: 16 kg/m; heat-resistant matt black paint. The following components are included: 3 fixed curved pyroceramic glass panels; 2 sliding curved pyroceramic glass panels; a stationary plate placed on or built into the floor or mounted on a black steel base (optional).

optional extras
steel base, cover disc to conceal ceiling joint, special plate, (inclined, etc...), flue extension in black steel, light grey paint, adapter, fresh-air intake device, gas appliance.
- guaranteed efficiency with a minimum flue length (interior plus exterior) of 4 m.-