- Ripped steel -
Each example of the Magnifocus is a unique creation. Dominique Imbert sculpts a different “tear” in each individual raw steel fireplace, resulting in a work of art that is original and powerful, yet remains practical. Each piece is signed. Modelled on the custom-designed Eclaté Géant, this smaller-sized version for the home was selected for the Premio Design Italiano in Rome.

fireplace is a single block of polished raw steel: 170 kg; welding seams visible; heat-exchange surface ± 4.25 m2 height of fireplace made to measure (max. 3 m); back of firebox benefits from extra heat protection; a fresh-air intake system is housed in the large-capacity ash drawer; linkage to flue by flexible or rigid stainless tube or by a custom-made connecting piece (option).

optional extras
flexible or rigid stainless steel connection flue, adapter, fresh-air intake device, gas appliance.
- guaranteed efficiency is dependent upon a minimum flue length (interior plus exterior) of 3 m. -