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Jess Xtra
Jess Xtra
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Whether you pronounce Jess as [tʃes] or [jes] is up to you. The correct pronunciation of "Jess" is controversially discussed even amongst fanciers. It is however undisputable that the Jess is absolutely unique: pure avant-garde, cool. In the style of a new design generation it appears like an oversized MP3 player, but after all it's a cosily warming piece of furniture.

With or without pedestal (including a spacious log storage unit) you can enjoy some glorious fire on a basic or higher level – whichever you choose, the continuous warmth will accompany you for more than 12 hours due to our exclusive Xtra heating technology.

By the way – truly delicious is our new colour shade called "nougat". Presently only offered for the Jess. Yummy!

1. The beauty and the beast: the Jess Xtra (with optional pedestal) in the colour shade nougat.
2. Impressive: the Jess Xtra in cast-iron grey with top flue exit.
3. Terribly elegant: the colour nougat. The convection air vents can be opened and closed infinitely.
4. Widescreen format fire: Jess Xtra, here without pedestal.
5. Looks precious – feels precious: the mat-chromed door handle.
6. The lateral view shows the spacious log storage in the pedestal (on both sides).