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Bono | Bono Xtra
Bono | Bono Xtra
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Actually the Bono should have been named "buono" (ital. = good). Although good would simply be an understatement. "Perfect" is the apt description for our allrounder: ideal heat output for small rooms or low energy houses, panoramic view into the flames and a plain, timeless design without any voguish frills – all this makes the Bono a perfect heat accumulator for any room, for many years.

And this is by far not all – you can even choose your side cladding to be either in soapstone or steel. As icing on the cake we also offer the Bono with the patented Xtra technology, which guarantees 12 hours of heat storage. For endlessly beautiful hours full of cosy warmth without having to reload wood continuously.

1. Full outfit: the Bono Xtra with soapstone cladding (60 mm strong), soapstone top plate and lots of heat storage
2. A wood stove for all parties: the Bono with steel sides and cast top plate.
3. Impressive strenght: Bono Xtra sideview.
4. Bono soapstone top plate (rear flue connection) with closable convection air vents.
5. Well hidden: behind the bottom panel we have hidden the ash drawer, the handle for the riddling grate and the lever for the primary and secondary air supply.
6. Clever and convenient: the door is not only self-closing but self-locking.
7. Detailed view of the Bono with cast top plate and top flue connection.