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Architonic stories of the year 2023: Products

James Wormald


A retrospective collation of the most popular product-referencing stories from Architonic’s magazine section. Featuring doorways, coffee tables, electric alternatives, terrazzo and cork.

How to maximise residential space with built-in structures

Claire Brodka


Space-saving heroes of the interior universe, built-ins epitomise the fusion of practicality and style. But what are some of the ways to integrate them into residential projects? These examples boost storage while keeping an eye on aesthetic

Ten functional shower control systems dripping with style

James Wormald


These high-performance yet fuss-free shower controls create intuitive one-stop-shop relaxation stations, boosting users’ hygiene and wellness in one.

The importance of storage for functional bathroom basins

James Wormald


These recent examples of composed bathroom storage setups help their users create the luxury bathroom look they want, whilst keeping their most personal secrets hidden.

Low-light bathrooms that swaddle you with darkness

James Wormald


These dark and brooding bathrooms encourage relaxation by turning down the lights and the tones, to create atmospheric spaces that block out the world and shroud us in the comfort of darkness.

Six reasons wall lamps take light to the edge and back

James Wormald


Using wall lights to extend the reach of a room’s layered lighting scheme, designers can increase its size, look and usefulness by highlighting the parts we want to see, while keeping the rest in the dark.

14 rugs that really tie a room together

James Wormald


Rugs give us firm yet moveable walking surfaces, soft yet expansive seating and, as accessories, provide the creative injection our interiors need. Here are the deciding factors on rug choice.

ISH 2023 Innovation Preview: Antoniolupi

Brand story

Markus Hieke


In Part 8 of our ISH preview of new products, we transcend spatial boundaries with Antoniolupi, bringing bathroom furniture and sculptural washbasins closer to our living spaces.

Put a cork in it: seven reasons to keep talking about cork

James Wormald


Not just for keeping wine in its place, cork is a truly circular and sustainable material that could be a solution to help keep humanity afloat, too.

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Wash and Stay: ANTONIOLUPI

Brand story

James Wormald


Italian bathroom fitting and furniture brand ANTONIOLUPI's newest ranges continue to bring technological elegance and luxury to the front of the design table.

Overarching inspiration: Antoniolupi

Brand story

Dominic Lutyens


Calvi Brambilla transforms ANTONIOLUPI's Milan showroom in the style of a hammam to set the perfect stage for the company's unusual designs.

The Experimenters: Antoniolupi

Brand story

Dominic Lutyens


For the last 60 years, the innovative Italian bathroom manufacturer ANTONIOLUPI continues to surprise with their unconventional concepts that question existing design stereotypes.

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