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The new Miu lets you enjoy the beautiful flames' play from both sides yet. The two-sided insert 75x39 KII makes it possible. This enables the Miu to be the perfect room divider, e.g. dividing kitchen and dining room or living and dining room optically, and letting you indulge yourself in its fire and warmth on both sides.
The insert can be placed optionally on the left or right side.

1. Divides and unites the room likewise: the Miu offers fire on either side.
2. A perfect art piece: the Miu in the basic version – without bench.
3. Even if the fire in not lit –the room is being enhanced by the Miu: a fireplace providing an insight.

Miu Xtra

Long-lasting and cosy warmth provided by the Miu Xtra without having to constantly put more wood on the fire. Equipped with the original Austroflamm Xtra heat storing technology it guarantees more than 12 hours of heat storage! The little bench is more than just a pretty design detail, it enables you to snuggle up to your Miu Xtra in very cold winter nights.
You can optionally place the insert on the right or left side, also with the Miu Xtra.

1. Being a heat storing fireplace, the Miu Xtra keeps you warm even longer.
2. The convection air flow can be adjusted infinitely with all Xtra models.
3. The self-supporting bench shows the surface structure of precious Douglas fir.
4. You'll never want to leave again: the place in front of the fireplace Miu will become your haunt.