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Sounds good: creating acoustic comfort at work

Alun Lennon


Workplace comfort is not just about soft seats, fresh fruit and breakout rooms. In the background, less-visible features are also quietly playing their part…

Lofty ambitions: converted loft spaces

Alun Lennon


Regenerative architectural projects that transform formerly derelict spaces into living ones bring with them not only environmental benefits, they also help breathe new life and energy into local communities.

Square deal: new public space design

Alun Lennon


Public squares remain a symbol of our human need to communally congregate but have also evolved into multifunctional hubs that are more than just places for people to gather.

Building blocks: new office architecture

Alun Lennon


As our selection of new office projects suggests, the influence of childhood building-block projects by young architects-to-be is often seemingly reflected in the life-size versions they go on to create.

Coffee break: new cafe design from Berlin to Belarus

Alun Lennon


In our selection of cafe projects, we look at some of the numerous approaches that an architect or interior designer can take in order to keep the coffee lovers coming back…

The benefits of green office spaces

Alun Lennon


From providing shade in warm climates, to improving air quality and helping workers feel closer to nature, there are many good reasons for going green in the office...

All smiles: dental practices with bite

Alun Lennon


Meet the architects and interiors specialists giving dental patients something to smile about.

Museum piece: David Chipperfield Architects’ new Zurich ...

Alun Lennon


Like what you see? Jan Parth, project architect responsible for delivering David Chipperfield Architects’ latest cultural project, talks about the soft power of hard facades.

Skin deep: new beauty-brand interiors

Alun Lennon


For beauty and cosmetics brands, the experience for consumers in-store is delivered as much by the project as it is by the products and service. And there’s nothing superficial about it.

Enlighten us: in conversation with Lucas Goy

Alun Lennon


Lucas Goy, director at Lyon-based lighting office les éclaireurs, discusses the specificity of his discipline, his company's approach and the future of the industry.

Lady of the lamp: in conversation with Ulrike Brandi

Alun Lennon


Ulrike Brandi, founder of the eponymous lighting-design consultancy, discusses the relation between light and architecture – and where she sees it heading.

Drama queens: the latest theatre projects

Alun Lennon


Theatre design asks architects to consider a number of questions, one of the most important of which is the relationship between performer and audience. Here, we raise the curtain on five new projects that provide some cogent answers.

Flooring it

Alun Lennon


A floor isn't just for standing on. As our selection of projects shows, thoughtful and imaginative design decisions in relation to colour, materiality and form can turn it into a space-defining element.

Flying colours: chromatic school spaces

Alun Lennon


Colour is a powerful tool – not least when it’s deployed in education projects, where a judicious chromatic specification can boost concentration, performance and well-being.

Pooling resources: 4 private pools to dive for

Alun Lennon


Compared to their back-garden predecessors, contemporary private pools are becoming architecturally integrated, space-defining elements. Come on in. The water’s great!

So materialistic!

Alun Lennon


Confident material choices in retail projects have the power to transform shop spaces into ultra-haptic, visually rich environments that no amount of e-commerce trickery can match.

Mr Goodbar: Jacu Strauss

Alun Lennon


Creative Director of hospitality company Lore Group Jacu Strauss’s latest project has taken him to Washington DC. We spoke to him about the role, how travel broadens the mind and the future of hospitality design.

Ablution solutions: residential bathrooms up the design ante

Alun Lennon


Whether in Brazil, Japan or Canada, residential bathrooms come in as many unique forms as there are unique owners, but increasingly they are united by a sense of spatial connectedness with their respective surroundings.

Book smart: Kinzo

Alun Lennon


Interior-architecture office Kinzo discuss their latest project in Berlin for publisher Suhrkamp, and how instagrammability is not how they gauge success

Woman of the cloth: Stijlinstituut Amsterdam’s Anne Marie ...

Alun Lennon


Anne Marie Commandeur of Stijlinstituut Amsterdam shares her thoughts on future trends in textiles, as well as Heimtextil’s role in guiding the future of the industry.

Talk of the town: 5 town halls with something to say

Alun Lennon


As citizens’ dealings with local government continue to move into the digital realm, town hall buildings take on a renewed significance as rhetorical, place-making devices.


Alun Lennon


Project lead Yuki Ikeguchi from Kengo Kuma & Associates discusses the go-to Japanese architectural office’s new place-making Odunpazari Modern Museum in Turkey.

Showpiece: Workstead's new Upstate New York showroom

Alun Lennon


The New York design studio and furniture and lighting manufacturer discusses the hows and whys of adapting a landmark Hudson townhouse into a compelling new showroom.

Mount Foodie: 5 Japanese restaurants that are easy on the ...

Alun Lennon


Today's newest Japanese restaurants are feeding not only hungry stomachs but also design-hungry Instagram accounts.

Wood Polish: Adam Wysocki from Studio De.Materia shines

Alun Lennon


Studio De.Materia’s founder opens up on success, beauty, conservation, influences… and his favourite building material.

Kitchen stories: in conversation with YLAB Arquitectos

Alun Lennon


The Barcelona-based office talks kitchens as architectural reflections of our individual lifestyles – and the joys of Central Asian cuisine.