From providing shade in warm climates, to improving air quality and helping workers feel closer to nature, there are many good reasons for going green in the office...

ATES Wind Power Headquarters in Izmir, Turkey, by D.A.Architects

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ATES Wind Power Headquarters in Izmir, Turkey, by D.A.Architects


Introducing natural green elements to workspaces, particularly in built-up, urban areas, brings with it numerous benefits for not only the people working in the building but, of course, for the environment, too. In warmer climates, the right planting can provide a cooling effect, planting in offices contributes to wellbeing by helping to create a holistic atmosphere, improving air quality and allowing desk-bound workers to feel closer to nature. Here we look at a selection of projects from around the world where planting plays a central role in the creation of spaces where people are happy to clock-in.

Tony Fruit Office
Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
TAA Design

TAA Design’s Tony Fruit Office in Ho Chi Minh City is protected by a blanket of plants that surrounds the building. A system of similar green spaces is continued on each floor, helping to cool the space and improve the employee experience.

Photos: Hoang Le


Second Home, Hollywood Office
Los Angeles, United States

For the new Second Home office in Hollywood, Selgascano has brought the office out to the garden. Over 10,000 plants and trees and transparent, curved walls provide a feeling of working in nature. This reduces temperature, provides shade and allows the need for artificial light.

Photos: Iwan Baan


Antik Dantel HQ
Istanbul, Turkey
Zemberic Design

On Zemberek Design’s Antik Dantel HQ project, the goal of creating a holistic, welcoming atmosphere for visitors and staff alike is achieved through the use of trees and plants both outside and in. Contrasting with more brutalist elements, the greenery creates a feeling of living nature, like a jungle under the building’s glass vault.

Photos: İbrahim Özbunar


Henderson Cifi Tiandi
Lu Wan Qu, China
Ateliers Jean Nouvel

The covered commercial and office space in Lu Wan Qu, China, by Ateliers Jean Nouvel is flanked by two planted walls, made up of rows of earthenware jars planted with different species, both green and coloured, providing a vibrant break from the urban surroundings.

Photos: © Ateliers Jean Nouvel. Photo ©10 Studio. 恒基-旭辉新天地/The Roof


ATES Wind Power Headquarters
Izmir, Turkey

An inner garden brings nature into the heart of D.A.Architects’ ATES Wind Power Headquarters. The ground floor layout of the offices around the lush vegetation unfolds vertically without interrupting the natural light. The suspended bridges that connect these spaces are also intertwined with the vegetation.

Photos: ZM Yasa

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