Product description

Outside: flexible
Inside: flexible
Minimum ceiling height: 2,35 m
Weight: 525 kg (approx.)
Wall thickness: 8 cm.
Isolation: 45 dB
Available for: one person

Standard configuration
White painting
Light grey acoustic absorber
Sound controlled glass door size flexible
Power connection and USB port in ground tank
Soundproof ventilation kit with easy filter exchange
Grey carpet
Integrated LED light with motion sensor
Wi-fi/mobile signal pass
Optional ethernet port

Extra configuration:
- customizable colour inside and outside the booth (select from all RAL colours
- branding options
- add windows and doors
- different window & door positions
- seat options
- wheelchair access possible with different glass door (magnet anti panic closing) and ramp
- Special coating: Special resistant acrylic surface for use at trade fairs
and road shows with frequent assembly and disassembly
- ON AIR signal: Lights up to signal occupancy, connected to motion sensor

Please download our product data sheets online to get information about the current extras.


100% freedom, 0% disturbance
Design the space you need.
Customizable from 1,2 x 1,2m up to 50m2 with the highest sound isolation in the market. Comfortable silence to focus on what matters. Comfortable privacy for high concentration work, phone calls & video conferences, meetings and presentations.