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The science of sitting: six rules for choosing a comfortable ...

James Wormald


Even the best-looking sofas can cause twisted spines and sore backs, ultimately making users dread sitting on them. Here’s how to keep the style, without the stiffness.

International Design from Upper Franconia

Atrium Magazin für Wohnkultur, Design und Architektur


Kati Meyer-Brühl is a name that stands for internationally acknowledged design. Since she started designing upholstered furniture for Brühl in Bad Steben as the company's Creative Director, Kati Meyer-Brühl's work has earned her a growing number

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Effortlessly versatile: Brühl



Can a sofa cover the entire spectrum of people's needs? With BRÜHL it certainly can, and on top of that, it can even be eco-friendly and durable as well.

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