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Meeting Unit | Sunset Orange

Soundproofing room-in-room systems from OFFICEBRICKS

Product description

- 100 cm wide all-glass door made of sound-insulated laminated safety glass (clear opening 89.5 cm)
- 2 windows with soundproofed laminated safety glass (width 100 cm, clear opening 89.5 cm)
- 1 socket and 1 double USB connection
- Soundproof fan system (controlled by motion detectors, adjustable within the cabin via a controller)
- LED lighting (controlled by motion detectors, adjustable within the cabin via a controller)
- Dimensions: 226 x 196 x 238 cm (outside), 210 x 180 x 204 cm (inside)

Equipment options:
• “On Air” sign (shows that the booth is occupied)
• Integrated air purifier
• Whiteboard and Mediaboard solutions in different sizes
• Decorative film with your customised design
• Multiple colour and texture variations
• Customised solutions and sizes upon request
• Additional power and Ethernet sockets
• Barrier-free access via ramp


The compact, soundproofed meeting booth offers flexible space for 4-6 people and is ideal for one-on-one discussions, team stand-up meetings, video conferences, work and e-learning sessions or as an agile think tank and social space.

Highest quality standards for the requirements of open-plan office environments:
- Double-walled, sound-insulated brick system
- High-quality, sound-insulated doors and windows made of laminated safety glass
- Acoustic absorbers made from recycled PET material
- Certified sound insulation values of 34 dB
- Winner of the "Best Workspaces" award in the sound insulation category

Virtually silent ventilation and high-quality materials ensure noise protection, top acoustics and a natural room atmosphere:
- No disruptive fan noise thanks to extremely powerful two-chamber ventilation system with its own sound insulation
- High air exchange rates for optimum ventilation and a cosy atmosphere

The flexible system for telephone and meeting booths with handy brick modules:
- No fixed installation, no drilling, screwing or gluing
- Quick assembly and disassembly, without tools or specific knowledge
- High-quality, hard-wearing and easy-care surfaces
Family Meeting Unit
Architonic ID 20213240
Year of Launch 2018

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