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GBS Roof
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Product description

GBS® Roof

The pioneer among the DOMICO products captivates from the beginning by its longevity and resistance.

+Factor-side with Ridge ridge adjustment and eaves edging
+Penetration free mounting with sliding brackets or retaining profiles
+One/two-shell thermally insulated, ventilated/not ventilated and in Fire resistance classes available
+System compliant accessories – Penetration-free retrofittable
+Profile sheets also convex rounded or compressed available
+Project-related manufacturing
+Increased stability due to Profile geometry with centre bead
+ Photovoltaic systems can be retrofitted without penetrating the wall

Create objects of value and protect them permanently. For longevity with far-sightedness.

The GBS roof stands for highest quality over a long period of time and more than meets the requirements of modern architecture. It is suitable for new buildings, but also for renovations of flat sloping roofs from 1.5°. The profiles are fastened without penetration with sliding brackets or retaining profiles, which guarantees the necessary clearance for the temperature-related longitudinal expansion.
The retaining profiles also function as spacer profiles, which is why battens are not required. In addition, the profile sheets are raised trough-shaped in the ridge area at the factory and folded back and forth in the eaves area, so that time-consuming work steps on the construction site are no longer necessary.

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