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Domisan® Roof
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Product description

Domisan® Roof

The Domisan roof as a canopy has proven itself for the economical renovation of buildings with corrugated sheet roofs.

+old roof takes over the function of the sub-roof
+No complex disposal
+Assembly-friendly installation
+suitable for profiles P5 and P6
+Distance construction with support profile
+cover with Domitec®- or GBS® profiles

Taking responsibility and conserving resources. Sustainability as a matter of course.

The Domisan roof is the best choice for the economical renovation of corrugated sheet roofs and is suitable for profiles P5 and P6. The existing old roof is used as a sub-roof, which saves the time-consuming disposal. Due to the low weight of the Domisan roof, no further static measures are usually necessary. The distance construction is carried out with the support profile, which transfers the load directly into the existing substructure, without placing an additional load on the old roof. GBS® or Domitec roof profiles are used for the covering shell. The structure of the Domisan roof is also ideally suited for installing thermal insulation, which – depending on the thickness selected – meets the requirements of full insulation. For asbestos cement corrugated sheets, national guidelines must be observed.

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