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Energy Roof
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Product description

Energy Roof

GBS and Domitec the ideal solution for energy roofs!

+Retroactive penetration-free Mounting
+No weak points in terms of rain tightness
+Flexible fastening
+roof as electricity supplier
+System-compliant holding construction
+Simple production of possibly necessary maintenance paths

More than just a roof

With an energy roof you use your roof area as a sustainable electricity supplier. The GBS or Domitec roof is the ideal solution for this. Thanks to the flexible mounting with solar clamps, the PV modules can be arranged lengthwise, crosswise and diagonally. This type of fastening allows optimum load distribution of the entire supporting structure in the cover shell. As the clamps are fastened without penetration, there are no weak points in terms of rain tightness as the metal roof is not drilled through.

The subsequent assembly of collector constructions is only possible after a thorough static or structural inspection of the roof structure.

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