Product description

The lightest panel of its type
The combination of a polypropylene honeycomb core with our special ultralight facing sheets results in an extremely light weight composite with excellent mechanical properties.

- high stiffness and stability
- extremely low weight
- high quality finished gelcoat outer surface
- non condensing
- easy workability
- wide range of dimensions 
(thickness 17 – 80 mm, length up to 14000 mm and 2900 mm wide)
- simple to spray paint and easy to repair
- good insulation

Particularly suited for roofs, front panels, sidewalls, doors and partitions for distribution and refrigerated boxes for trucks or housings.

Product family


The flexible modular system of the TOP series offers a multitude of facing sheets and finishing possibilities. Thus the sandwich elements can be produced tailor-made for your very special needs. From a single item to serial production.